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You Can Take Off Masks When Eating Or Drinking Only, Must Wear Back When Done

Singaporeans Only Allowed To Remove Masks When Eating Or Drinking

Many Singaporeans have made their way to eateries since the start of Phase 2, now that we can dine-in with friends and family.

However, with the Covid-19 virus still among us, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reminded citizens can they are only allowed to remove their mask when eating or drinking.


This means we cannot sit around at hawker centres and restaurants without a face mask before and after meals.

MOH reminds citizens to wear a face mask

On Wednesday (24 Jun), the Ministry Of Health (MOH) clarified that Singaporeans cannot remove their face mask for the “whole duration” of their meals, stated Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 via droplets, Singaporeans can only do so while eating or drinking.

Cannot remove masks talking to friends

They also urged everyone to not remove their masks for the “sole purpose of talking to others”.


While it is inconvenient to catch up with friends while wearing a mask, post-meal chitchats have to be conducted safely.

Furthermore, MOH advises citizens to keep their groups of contact “small and regular“, limiting our interactions with one another.

Stay vigilant even during Phase 2

While some regulations might be eased during Phase 2, we need to remain vigilant and not let our guards down amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Though we can now meet up in groups of 5, we still have to social distance adequately and wear a mask when necessary.

Yes, that includes even before and after our meals.

Featured image adapted from MS News.


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