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Australian Couple Spends Almost 500 Days On Cruise, Apparently Cheaper Than Retirement Home

Australian Retiree Couple Books 51 Cruise Trips, Been On Board Since 2022

Going on a cruise is a favourite pastime for many on holiday, but a retiree couple from Australia has seemingly taken that to a whole new level.

As they have always enjoyed cruises, they decided on this 51-trip stay after the pandemic halted their hobby for two years.

The pair have been living the high life onboard a cruise for almost two years. According to them, going on cruises is more affordable than living in a retirement home.

The cruise has become their home, and the crew members treat the pair as family.

Retiree couple boarded cruise in June 2022

According to Australian news program ‘A Current Affair’, retirees Marty and Jess Ansen have been onboard the Coral Princess cruise for 15 months.

Source: A Current Affair on YouTube

“We welcome the different captains onboard, you know,” joked Jess.

Marty shared that they boarded the ship on 16 June 2022 and had spent 455 days there at the time of filming.

The cruise-loving couple had booked 51 back-to-back cruises after missing two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Claims living onboard ship is cheaper than a retirement home

As their bookings come with meals and housekeeping, the great-grandparents claim that living on the cruise ship is a cheaper alternative to a retirement home.

Source: A Current Affair on YouTube

Speaking on their unconventional retirement residence, Jess said, “It’s a lifestyle. Where else can you go for dinner, you go to a show, you go dancing?”


“Through the day, you have all these activities — and I love the hula dancing and the ballroom dancing.”

Marty added, “This was the perfect answer, really. Go cruising, see the world, meet these people and make lifelong friends. It’s a wonderful life!”

Crew members see the pair as second parents

Having spent so much time onboard, the couple views the cruise as their home. Similarly, crew members of the ship treat the pair like family.

The news programme reported that the crew even went so far as to surprise Jess for her birthday in August.

Ren van Rooyen, hotel general manager of Coral Princess, said he had been on board for less time than the couple.

Source: A Current Affair on YouTube

“We always joke that I go away, and I come back, and it’s like seeing my family and my mum and dad again. They’re like my second mum and dad onboard.”

The Ansens have also become something like celebrities on the ship, said Mr van Rooyen. “Even the guests know about them when they come onboard.”

Following another eight months on the Coral Princess cruise, Marty and Jess will then board the Crown Princess cruise, where they will remain for a year.

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Featured image adapted from A Current Affair on YouTube.

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