Only 10% Of R&F Mall Stores In Johor Bahru Open, Despite Soft Opening On 28 Mar

R&F Mall Floors Are Still Dirty & Dusty

We recently published an article on R&F Mall, the new shopping centre in Johor Bahru that’s touted aas City Square 2.0.

7 Reasons R&F Mall In Johor Bahru Is Basically City Square 2.0 For S’poreans

But if you’re planning a trip down soon to the new mall this weekend, you may want to hold on to your horses.

Even though the R&F Mall’s soft opening was scheduled for today (28 Mar), the mall may have fallen short of the hype that it has generated over the weeks.

Many shops still under construction

If you’re planning to spend your entire day gaigai-ing over at the mall while taking advantage of the 3:1 exchange rate, chances are you’ll return to Singapore with a wallet full of unused Ringgit.

That’s because as much as 90% of the stores are still undergoing construction, as of the time of the soft opening.

These are some shops that we were looking forward to, but were closed on the day of the soft opening:

  • Emperor Cinemas
  • Fun Scape
  • Jaya Grocer
  • Kyochon
  • Openwork

This was the Fun Scape arcade, on the day of the soft opening.

And here are other shops that are already open.

  • Emak and Bolio’s
  • MR DIY
  • Oopa
  • Owndays
  • San Francisco Coffee
  • Skechers
  • The Alley

Dusty & dirty floor

Those expecting spanking new floor that smells atas AF will surely be in for a disappointment.

According to our colleagues who made a trip down for the soft opening, the floors at R&F Mall were dirty and dusty, presumably from the construction works prior to the opening.

Disappointing opening ceremony

R&F Mall’s soft opening ceremony was grand and was graced by the likes of 8 ‘lions’ to usher in luck and prosperity.

But our popcorn-loving colleagues found that the booth dispatching free popcorn was disappointingly small.

Needless to say, they were still craving for more when they returned back to Singapore in the evening.

Maybe it’s wiser to visit later

Given R&F Mall’s underwhelming soft opening, perhaps it’s wiser to wait before paying a visit. You know what they say — good things come to those who wait.

Well, at least there weren’t any complaints about the toilets unlike the case of Capital 21’s soft opening.

Let’s hope R&F lives up the hype that it has generated in time to come!

Featured image from iProperty and MS News.

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