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SAF To Launch 4th Service Dealing With Cybersecurity, Aims To Target Digital Threats

SAF To Launch 4th Service Dealing With Cybersecurity By Q4 2022

As our lives become increasingly digitalized, threats that emerge from cyberspace have also become more concerning.

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Aware of this reality, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) announced plans to add a 4th service to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to deal with cybersecurity issues and digital threats.


Currently, the SAF has 3 services dealing with land, air, and marine threats respectively.

SAF to add 4th service that deals with digital threats

During the Budget speech on Wednesday (2 Mar), Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced the addition of a 4th service to the SAF, which will deal with digital threats.


Named the Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS), the force will be set up by Q4 2022 and trained to defend Singapore against attacks in the digital domain.

In particular, DIS will provide “accurate, relevant and timely early warning and operational intelligence”.

It will also improve C4 (command, control, communications, computers) connectivity, allowing SAF to function as a “networked” force.

Necessary for handling threats in digital sphere

As the digital domain continues to expand, so do the threats that emerge from it.

Dr Ng Eng Han shared in his speech that there have been examples of countries and non-state entities like terrorist groups that use the digital space to formulate attacks.

“The addition of this 4th service, the DIS,” Dr Ng said, “will allow the SAF to better train and fight as a networked, integrated and expanded force”, reports The Straits Times.

Need to protect ourselves against digital threats

The rapidly evolving digital space has led to even more severe virtual threats.

Although Singapore has not had to deal with such attacks yet, there is still a need for us to be doubly secure in the digital domain.

It is hence commendable for MINDEF to proactively protect our country from this new and uncertain danger. With the DIS guarding us in the future, we can rest easy knowing that our country will be safe and secure.

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