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SAF Introduces New Eco-Friendly Vegetarian Meat, Brunch Looks Straight Out Of A Café

SAF Introduces New Plant-Based Meat To Increase Eco-Friendly Efforts

Though primarily tasked with defending Singapore, the SAF cookhouse has in recent months garnered more attention thanks to the incredible meals they served soldiers.

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On Monday (18 Apr), The Singapore Army shared what looks like brunch food from an atas café. The only twist? The ‘meat patty’ is made of a new type of eco-friendly meat.

The meat is purely plant-based and developed to address Singapore’s limited livestock supply. The newest menu addition is also part of SAF’s recent efforts to enhance the sustainability of our country’s resources.

SAF launches new plant-based meat made from peas & soybean

On 18 Apr, SAF announced the launch of several new ‘meals’ that incorporate a special ‘meat’ patty developed by HQ Supply, SATS, and Growthwell. The launch comes just days before Earth Day 2022, which falls on Friday (22 Apr).

One of the dishes that SAF came up with was the Ultimate Brunch Burger, which comprised the special patty, made with plant-based proteins such as pea and soybean, placed between 2 pieces of bread.

The meat is rich in fibre and other nutrients, providing soldiers with numerous health benefits.

The burger is also part of the Ultimate Brunch Meal. Alongside several healthy additions like corn and potatoes, this meal not only looks good but helps with food sustainability.

Source: Facebook

With these burgers now part of their daily meals, soldiers can improve their own welfare while staying eco-friendly.

Source: Facebook

Increased recycling efforts in addition to eco-friendly meat

The Ultimate Brunch Burger isn’t the only eco-friendly measure introduced by SAF for Earth Day 2022. The Singapore Army will also be stepping up its recycling efforts by ensuring that food do not go to waste needlessly.

Source: Facebook

Collaborating with the National Environment Agency (NEA), natural food waste from meal preparation will be collected and used to generate energy.

Source: Facebook

Cooking staff will dispose of such waste into a designated “Food Waste Only” bin. The waste will then be sent to a food recycling plant.

SAF also encourages soldiers to dispose of any leftovers using these bins.

Source: Facebook

However, SAF warns soldiers to separate food waste from non-food waste, as the slightest contamination of food waste can render an entire batch of non-food waste unrecyclable.

Commendable of SAF to stay eco-friendly

It is admirable of the SAF to introduce more eco-friendly measures.

As Singapore is a small country with limited resources, it is all the more important for us to find innovative ways to conserve our supplies.

Not to mention, these burgers certainly look scrumptious.

What do you think of these burgers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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