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DBS Customer Receives Scam Call Without +65 Prefix About ‘Transaction Dispute’, Warns Others To Be Vigilant

New Scam Call Tactic In Singapore Reportedly Comes Without +65 Prefix

You’re probably used to ignoring suspicious calls from overseas numbers and those that begin with the +65 prefix.

Hence, when calls come in with local caller IDs, they are likely safer to pick up.

Unfortunately, it seems like the modus operandi of scammers have taken a new turn.

A Reddit user recently started a thread on the r/singapore community, sharing they received a scam call without the +65 prefix.

Source: Reddit

They warned others to be extra cautious as it was not immediately apparent it was a scam since the caller sported a local accent.

Scam call without +65 prefix says there’s a transaction dispute

In their post, the Redditor shared they picked up a call from a local number without a +65 prefix.

The person on the other end of the call claimed there was a dispute on the OP’s DBS Bank card transaction. The OP noted the caller had a “localised voice”, leading them to believe he was either in Singapore or Malaysia.

Asked about the nature of the dispute, the caller instead asked him to provide his information first.

Wishing to err on the side of caution, the OP declined.

They later confirmed that the call was indeed by a scammer after heading down to a DBS Bank branch to clarify the details.


After the OP informed the bank about the scam call, the staff reassured him that nothing was happening.

They then discarded the paper where they had jotted down the scam caller’s number, leaving the OP to wonder why their complaint was “not taken seriously”.

Fellow Redditors share similar experiences

Under the Reddit thread, fellow Redditors shared similar experiences of receiving suspicious calls without the +65 prefix.

For some, automated messages were played, so they could discern the calls were scams and hung up immediately.

Source: Reddit

Another shared their encounter with a scammer who had a Malaysian accent. They adopted a different scam tactic to OP’s bank dispute scam, using overly friendly phrases to make people believe that they used to know the person.

Source: Reddit

Responding to OP’s question on why the bank threw the number away, a Redditor shared that keeping the number was meaningless as it was likely a spoof call.

Source: Reddit

The bank is likely unable to do anything about the incident, “. . . like how Bill Gates cannot stop [a] scammer from using his name.”

If you suspect you have been scammed, contact the police at 1800 255 0000 or submit a report via

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