SCDF Takes On Viral ‘Tetris Challenge’, Makes Grand Display Of Barang Barang In Their Vehicles

SCDF Tetris Challenge Shows Equipment They Have Neatly Stacked On The Ground Like Blocks

We believe emergency responders should be prepared for the worst, so how much barang barang – a term for lots of things in Malay – should they have in their vehicles?.

On Saturday (14 Sep), the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) joined the viral Tetris Challenge and made a grand display of all their life-saving equipment in a Facebook post.


The challenge boasts responders’ capabilities of meticulously arranging their equipment in neat, stacked squares.

SCDF Tetris Challenge

For starters, the #TetrisChallenge is inspired by an ‘80s video game where players stack geometric shapes. We bet you’ve played it at least once in your lifetime.


Today, Tetris Challenge is trending in countries around the world again. But this time, it involves stacking items belonging to emergency teams, where netizens get to see the sprawling range of equipment their responders have.

SCDF has hopped onto the bandwagon too, to show what they can do.

You’ll get to see that personnel from the Emergency Medical Response team have stretchers, extrication devices, gas masks, and first aid kits.


We’re all wary about the possibility of fires in HDBs flats. Fortunately, our firefighters have hoses, nozzles, rescue harnesses, fireproof vests and more, as seen in the picture below.


If you think some items are missing from the picture, then note that this image is not an exact representation of their entire equipment and appliances.

Netizens react to SCDF emergency preparedness

Netizens reacted to SCDF’s emergency preparedness with a slew of comments.

One netizen believes that these light-hearted posts by their social media team make us love and respect our local responders. While we’ve seen them swiftly respond to emergencies, these posts let us see another side of their job.


Another netizen chimed that the picture seemed like a collection of toys at first glance.


Finally, one netizen joked that the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) should join the challenge.


Does SCDF win the Tetris Challenge?

Regardless of your thoughts on the picture, we admire emergency responders who swiftly respond to life-threatening emergencies.

We bet unexpected accidents happen on a daily basis and we’re happy to know that we have a dependable team of responders to watch our backs.

Featured image from Facebook.

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