Secret Society Member Smuggles Gun From JB, Gets 6 Cane Strokes & Over 7 Years Of Jail

Man Convicted Of Possessing Gun, First Such Offence Since 2009

“Don’t play play” is a common refrain uttered among Singaporeans, but there are some who perhaps take that phrase further than one should.

Such as one secret society member, Muhammad Ikram Abdul Aziz, who was sentenced to over 7 years’ jail and 6 strokes of the cane for smuggling gun into Singapore.

He’d wanted to scare rival secret society members who were involved in some troubles with his friend.

Officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) found the gun in Ikram’s possession after an unrelated raid on his flat at Jurong West.

Secret society member’s friend had trouble with another gang

Ikram’s friend, Amirul Asyraff Muhammad Junus, had trouble due to a man named Faris beating up Amiru’s ex-wife outside the Baliza nightclub at Marina Square, The Straits Times reports.

Both Ikram and Amirul are members of the same secret society and were friends in the same youth football team.

Meanwhile, Faris is apparently from another secret society.

When Ikram heard about Amirul’s troubles, he told him to not act rashly, according to TODAY.

However, Ikram had a young daughter and didn’t want to get into a fight.

So he decided instead to purchase a firearm for their safety.

Bought gun along with bullets

Ikram went to Johor Baru, and visited a tattoo parlour at a mall with the intention of buying a gun.

A man, known only as ‘Boy JB’ in court documents, told Ikram that he can sell him a gun for $900. He agreed and handed over $900, although he didn’t receive the gun that day.

On another occasion, the man contacted him again and said he could sell him a nicer gun for $500 more.

Ikram deposited RM1,500 (S$500) into Boy JB’s account and received the Seahawk pistol the same day, along with a magazine and 8 bullets.


While he didn’t want the other items, Boy JB told him that they came in a set.

Ikram had to accept the bullets as he didn’t dare to refuse, it was stated in court by a prosecutor.

As he was travelling back to Singapore with his parents, Ikram decided to bring the gun back as he observed that Customs was less likely to check his belongings if so.

Friend rejected gun

Later, Ikram showed the pistol to Amirul, who was shocked.

Amirul refused to accept the pistol even though Ikram said it was “the easiest way” to help him out in his troubles.

Eventually, Ikram kept the weapon in his flat at Jurong West.

On 8 Oct 2019, CNB officers suspected Ikram of drug offences and raided his home at Block 731 Jurong West Street 72.


They found 4 bullets in a glove, and the loaded gun in another cabinet.

Only sentenced for possessing firearms

In sentencing Ikram, District Judge Teo Guan Kee said that his offence fell under the least serious in the Arms Offences Act.

Despite Ikram’s lawyer’s defence that he hadn’t meant to buy the bullets or use the pistol, District Judge Teo argued that he’d tested out its features.

He’d also smuggled the gun, bullets, and magazine into Singapore even though it was illegal to do so.

In the end, Ikram wasn’t charged with any drug-related or secret society offences, TODAY reported.

Amirul is yet to be sentenced.

Don’t play play with firearms

Singapore has extremely strict laws on firearms, and this has resulted in a lack of violent gun crime.

These laws contribute to our safety, and any offenders will be dealt with harshly.

That authorities only found the weapon after an unrelated raid means that it was hard to detect, said the judge.

Thankfully, the weapon was never used with live rounds.

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Featured image adapted from Central Narcotics Bureau

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