PM Lee Asks Seniors To Get Jabbed ASAP, Assures Vaccines Will Keep Them & Loved Ones Safe

PM Lee Appeals For Remaining 280,000 Seniors To Get Jabbed ASAP

On Monday (31 May), Prime Minister (PM) Lee addressed the nation on Singapore’s strategies against Covid-19.

In it, he made a point to appeal to seniors above 60 to get jabbed ASAP, if they haven’t already.

Apart from shielding themselves, who are most vulnerable, against the virus, getting jabs also protect their loved ones.

To make vaccination more fuss-free, seniors above 60 can now get their jabs at any vaccination centre via walk-ins.

Over 1/4 seniors haven’t booked appointments

According to PM Lee, nearly 3/4 of our elderly aged 60 and above have gotten at least the 1st dose of their Covid-19 shot booked a slot.

That’s about 760,000 senior citizens who had or are about to have substantial protection against the virus.

However, the remaining 280,000 seniors have yet to book an appointment.

As such, PM Lee urges them to go for their vaccinations ASAP. Most people their age – including the President and PM Lee himself – have been vaccinated.


He then added,

The vaccines are safe, and they will keep you safe.

Seniors can get jabbed via walk-ins

To ease the process for them, seniors above 60 can now walk into any vaccination centre and get their jabs on the spot. There’s no need to make an appointment or register.

Those unable to make their way to the vaccination centres can contact the Silver Generation Office for assistance.


There’ll be a doctor and nurses heading down and giving them the jabs at the comfort of their homes.

PM Lee also appealed to those with elderly parents or relatives to encourage them to get their jabs.

Those below 39 can get vaccinated from mid-June

In his address to the nation, PM Lee also announced that the vaccination drive will be moving on to its last group soon.

Starting from around mid-June, those below 39 will be able to get their Covid-19 jabs.

Given the larger size of this age group, Singaporeans amongst them will get vaccine priority.

They’ll have a 2-week window to book their appointments first before vaccination is open to everyone who’s eligible.

Get vaccinated when it’s your turn

Therefore, with all the incentives in place, Singaporeans should step up to receive the vaccination when it’s their turn.

That’s how we can achieve, or aspire towards achieving herd immunity.

With everyone vaccinated, we can gradually reopen and fingers crossed, our lives can slowly go back to normal.

If you have some concerns regarding the vaccine, check out this Q&A below:

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