Man in S’pore tries to sexually assault 81-year-old mother & punches wife while drunk, pleads guilty

Man pleads guilty to sexual assault attempt on elderly mother & punching wife while drunk

After receiving a domestic exclusion order (DEO) from his wife for punching her while intoxicated, a man moved into his 81-year-old mother’s flat.

However, he got drunk on another occasion and attempted to strangle and sexually assault his elderly mother.

On Tuesday (27 Feb), the 61-year-old pleaded guilty to the crimes above, as well as abusing a police officer.

Punched wife as she declined his request to have sex

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the man returned home drunk on 10 Jan 2021.

He was particularly agitated as he had argued with someone at the coffeeshop he was drinking at. 

At one point, the man asked his wife to have sex with him, which she refused.

Vexed, he threatened to “break” her face and proceeded to charge towards her. 

She sought refuge in her son’s room. However, he continued to chase after her and told their son not to intervene.

He then punched the wife in the face, causing her to fall backwards and hit a cupboard.

Their son managed to push him away, allowing his mother to leave the house to receive assistance.


She ended up sustaining injuries including a broken nose, a fractured middle finger, and blurred vision in her right eye. 

Following this incident, his wife applied for both a DEO and a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him. 

Attempted to sexually assault elderly mother

The man was restricted from entering his family’s home in March 2021.

Thereafter, his elderly mother took him in despite her granddaughters’ protest, citing the man’s violent tendencies. 

On 27 Apr that year, the man found him intoxicated again after drinking 20 cans of beer throughout the day.

While chatting with his mother that night, he strangled her with his belt and only let go after some time.

The Straits Times (ST) reported that when his mother went to bed afterwards, he hugged her and forcefully took off her clothes

In addition to attempting to sexually assault his mother, the man continued to strangle and punch her while telling her not to yell.

He eventually drifted off to sleep.  

Prosecutor deemed him a ‘menace to society’

In court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Delicia Tan sought a preventive detention sentence and dubbed the man a “menace to society”.

Moreover, the man has 50 entries on his criminal record from 1982 to 2019. These include offences such as housebreaking and voluntarily causing hurt.

The man expressed regret for his crimes and reasoned that he committed them under the influence of alcohol.

He also shared that he did not love his mother and wife.

The man will be sentenced at a later date.

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