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Shaw Theatres Balestier Reopening With 11 Cinema Halls, 850 Pairs Of Tickets Up For Grabs

Shaw Theatres Balestier Reopening With 11 Cinema Halls

If you’ve been planning to catch a movie at the cinema, there’s no better time than now.

On 30 Mar, Shaw Theatres Balestier will be reopening to the public, almost four years after it closed for renovations.

It will feature 11 cinema halls, along with an interior design paying tribute to the heritage district it’s in.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

In line with the opening of the cineplex, there will be a big giveaway with 850 pairs of free tickets up for grabs.

Features the most number of premium halls in a single venue in Singapore

Shaw Theatres Balestier has a total of 11 cinemas: six regular halls, four ‘Lumiere’ halls, and one ‘Dreamers’ hall.

The ‘Lumiere’ halls boast the luxurious Figueras seating and a state-of-the-art surround sound system.

Not only can the seats be reclined, but the armrest can also be folded up to form love seats.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

Overall, it offers a much more luxurious and intimate environment to watch your favourite films.

The ‘Dreamers’ hall, on the other hand, provides an environment that is more suitable for children.

This includes a reduced volume, as well as soft lighting.


Furthermore, the front of the hall will feature a large play space for kids, similar to the ‘Dreamers’ hall at Shaw Theatres Jewel.

However, the ‘Dreamers’ hall will only be open to the public at a later date.

Shaw Theatres Balestier’s interior design pays tribute to heritage district

The original Shaw Theatres Balestier was extremely iconic in Singapore.

As such, the company decided to use the design of the cineplex to pay tribute to Balestier, a heritage district known for its industrial background, old shophouses, and diverse architectural buildings.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

For instance, the interior of the cineplex is reminiscent of streets filled with trendy cafes and niche lifestyle shops, similar to what you would find on the streets of Balestier.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

Mark Shaw, Director of the Shaw Organisation Group of Companies, highlighted, “Apart from what you will typically expect of a cineplex, we are bringing lifestyle into our overall cinema offering to our patrons.”

850 pairs of free movie tickets up for grabs

Prior to the official opening of the cineplex, Shaw Theatres Balestier will be giving away 850 pairs of movie tickets at an open house from 27 to 29 Mar.

On 27 and 28 Mar, 350 pairs of tickets will be available for the first 350 patrons on both days. These tickets are only valid for movie screenings from 11am to 8.30pm on the same day.

Meanwhile, 150 pairs of tickets will be up for grabs for the first 150 patrons on 29 Mar. These tickets are only valid for movie screenings from 11am to 3pm on the same day.

The queue will start at 10am at the box office on all three days.

Movies you can catch on those days include:

  • Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Bullet Train
  • Lyle Lyle Crocodile
  • Elvis
  • Disney’s Encanto
  • The Bad Guys
  • The King’s Man

Additionally, patrons can look forward to other deals such as promotional ticket prices and other freebies.

For more information, check out Shaw’s website for more details.

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Featured image courtesy of Shaw Theatres.

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