Sheng Siong Has Yeo’s 24-Packet Drinks For $3.35, Ensure Your CNY Guests Are Well-Hydrated

Sheng Siong Sale Has Yeo’s Chrysanthemum & Winter Melon Tea With CNY Discount

One can’t host Chinese New Year house visits without an adequate supply of food and drinks, and the weeks before CNY usually consist of a frenzy to stock up.

Well, for those who are yet to do their CNY stock checks, they now know where to look.

Until 11 Feb, Sheng Siong outlets are having a sale on 24-packs of certain Yeo’s drinks for the mind-bending price of $3.35.


You read that right — that’s $3.35 for 24 packs, not per pack. This works out to about 14 cents per pack.

Note that this price only applies for Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea and Winter Melon Tea flavours.

Sheng Siong sells Yeo’s Chrysanthemum & Winter Melon Tea at $3.35

According to a post by Singapore Atrium Sale, the sale can be found at Sheng Siong supermarkets.


The sale will also last just 3 days — from today (8 Feb) until Thursday (11 Feb).

Certainly, one can’t sit on their hands for too long in this case.

You might want to bring along some help if you’re planning to snag several cartons.

Sale also available online

For those who for some reason can’t make it to a Sheng Siong outlet – looking at you, Bishan residents – they need not traverse to distant lands just for some Yeo’s packet drinks.

That’s because the sale is online too.

Checks online also show that the same pricing applies.


That said, while other drink flavours aren’t quite as cheap, they’re still on discount.

So if you prefer flavours like Lemon Barley and Longan Red Date, they’re going for 4 at $5.95.

Prime Food & Grocer also has Yeo’s drinks for $3.35

An alternative to Sheng Siong and their online store is Prime Food & Grocer.

Singapore Atrium Sale also shared that the Prime Food & Grocer outlet at Century Square in Tampines has the same offer.

If that happens to be closer that any other Sheng Siong outlet, you’re welcome to check Prime outlets out as well.

Keep CNY guests well-hydrated

While CNY restrictions will limit the amount of guests who can turn up at our households, there can still be 8 guests a day.

This sale will likely ensure that all of your guests can remain well-hydrated as they do their CNY visitations.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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