Eligible commuters who switched to SimplyGo can get new EZ-Link cards from 18 Mar

Eligible commuters who switched to SimplyGo can exchange for new CBT card

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced today (28 Feb) that commuters who recently switched to a SimplyGo card may convert back to a card-based ticketing (CBT) system EZ-Link card from 18 Mar to 30 June 2024.

Those who have a NETS Prepaid Card can collect new NETS FlashPay Cards from 1 Apr.

The eligibility is extended only to those who converted their cards between 9 and 22 Jan 2024.

LTA assured that there’ll be an ample supply of cards.

Exchange of SimplyGo for CBT EZ-Link card available from 18 Mar

Commuters who converted to a SimplyGo card between 9 and 22 Jan and wish to switch back to a CBT EZ-Link Card can do so at any Ticket Office from 18 Mar.

They’ll then be issued a new CBT EZ-Link Card.

LTA said card collection will be staggered based on the last digit of the SimplyGo EZ-Link card number.

“This is to ensure a more organised collection process with shorter waiting times,” the authority explained.

It added that there is a “sufficient” number of cards and that eligible commuters should adhere to their allotted collection dates.

For those who can’t collect their new card on their allotted collection dates, they can do so from 29 Apr onwards instead.


You have to bring your existing card during collection.

Check your eligibility online for SimplyGo to EZ-Link card exchange

Commuters can check their eligibility on the SimplyGo website.

Source: SimplyGo

Based on the last digit of the 16-digit card number, the CBT card collection schedule is as follows:

Image courtesy of LTA

Concession card holders will get their cards mailed

The following groups who hold SimplyGo concession cards and converted them between 9 and 22 Jan will receive their new EZ-Link cards by mail between 1 Apr and 31 May:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Workfare Transport
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
  • Adult Monthly Travel Card

This is because these cardholders have their addresses registered with TransitLink.

“This will make it easier for concession cardholders such as seniors and persons with disabilities to obtain a new card,” LTA said.

Concession cardholders can either use their existing card or the new card if they so wish. More details will be provided in the mail along with their new card.

They will not need to go down to a Ticket Office to get a new EZ-Link card, LTA said.

MS News understands that around 69,000 people will receive a new EZ-Link card over the next few months.

Once they receive their card, they will need to head to any Ticket Office to activate it before 31 Dec 2024. They will not need to do so until their card expires.

This is to ensure that cardholders do not hold more than one concession card.

You must bring along your NRIC, existing, and new concession cards for collection.

NETS FlashPay Card collection from 1 Apr

Those who have bought a NETS Prepaid card between 9 and 22 Jan may collect a new, free NETS Flashpay card from 1 Apr to 30 June 2024.

Cardholders can check their eligibility on the SimplyGo site or the NETS Customer Service Hotline at 6274 1212.

You can continue to use your existing card even after receiving your new card.

Visit during off-peak hours if possible

LTA anticipates higher demand during peak hours from 18 Mar onwards for the exercise.

As such, it advises eligible commuters to both stick to their scheduled collection dates and visit during off-peak hours.

More staff will be on hand at Ticket Offices to assist commuters.

All 44 SimplyGo Ticket Offices will also extend their operating hours from 18 Mar to 26 May to facilitate the collection.

Exchange exercise comes after LTA reversed decision to sunset EZ-Link

Last month, Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat said that the CBT EZ-Link won’t be retired, reversing an earlier decision. LTA will thus continue with both SimplyGo and EZ-Link systems concurrently.

He stated that it was a “judgment error” and that the EZ-Link card system will remain until at least 2030.

MS News understands that there is currently a 70% take up of SimplyGo, with 45% using bank cards.

However, a number of commuters still prefer to see their fare displayed when they tap in and out at gantries. In cities such as Hong Kong and London, both account-based transaction and card-based transaction systems exist.

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