Snake Slithers Around Jurong HDB Estate, Ballsy Birds Kaypoh To Get A Look At It

Huge Snake Slithers Around Jurong HDB Estate

Urbanising Singapore came at the cost of the natural habitats that many of the wildlife call home. This has led to many wildlife sightings in places you’d least expect.

On Friday (28 May) morning, video footage of a snake slithering around a Jurong HDB estate was posted and shared on Facebook.


In these 4 clips, the large snake can be seen weaving in and out of the void deck. Curious mynahs also took a second to admire the large reptile.

The post has since been shared over a thousand times, much to the horror of many.

Snake appears at Jurong HDB estate on Friday morning

Facebook user Hairulzat posted 4 clips of a large snake slithering in his Jurong neighbourhood this morning (28 May).

According to Mr Hairulzat, the massive snake weaved around the waste area of the HDB block in the early hours of the morning.

He placed the exact location of this sighting at Blk 967B Jurong West Street 93.

At one point, the snake, which appeared to be a python, veered dangerously close to the lift lobby after its adventures near the central waste area.


Thankfully, it turned back and exited the space quickly.


Ballsy birds flock for a closer look

As it manoeuvred out of the general HDB area, a flock of curious mynahs approached the reptile for a better look.


Their proximity made it look as though the snake could attack them at any moment. Thankfully, however, the reptile just slid away, seemingly indifferent to its spectators.

According to a comment, someone had called for help to remove the snake. However, there were no subsequent updates after that.


MS News has reached out to the netizen for more information on this incident.

Stay calm if you encounter a snake

Although seeing a snake in an HDB estate may be intriguing, it would be best if you can keep a level head and stay calm in these situations.

As suggested by NParks, remember to keep a distance and contact the relevant authorities to deal with it instead.

We hope that this python has found its way back home safely, and will steer clear of our neighbourhoods.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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