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Woman Realises Son’s Female Classmate Looks Like Husband, Discovers She’s Actually His Mistress’ Daughter

Woman In Taiwan Confronts Husband About Mistress After Bumping Into Her

As juicy as dramas and soap operas can get, sometimes, fact can indeed be much stranger than fiction.

When a woman observed that her son’s classmate in preschool looked like her husband, she bumped into her husband’s mistress while sending her son to school.

Source: CCU Taiwan. For illustration purposes only.

But when she confronted her husband about the affair, he denied the allegation and even called her “crazy”.

The mistress had apparently promised to leave the town they stayed in, but reportedly continued to live there and even had a daughter.

This shocking turn of events happened in Taiwan.

Woman bumps into husband’s mistress while sending son to preschool

According to China Press, the woman had taken to an anonymous forum to rant about her experience.

Source: Mirror Media

She shared that her son used to take a school bus to kindergarten. However, because of the pandemic, parents had to start personally sending their kids there.

While taking her son to school one day, she bumped into her husband’s mistress. She was with her daughter, who attends the same kindergarten as the first woman’s son.

To the woman’s horror, she supposedly noticed that the girl “really looks like” her husband.

Despite promising to move away and never come back five years ago, it looks like the mistress stayed on.

“Five years later, she still lives in the same town as me and even gave birth to a daughter,” the woman wrote.

Husband allegedly pushed her during confrontation

After suspecting that her husband might have fathered a daughter with his mistress, the woman went home to confront him.

He refused to answer her questions and even scolded her for being “crazy”.

She then started crying out of anger, but instead of comforting her, her husband allegedly even pushed her.

“He didn’t care that I’m six months pregnant. I got a chill in my heart, learning I’d been lied to for five years. Whenever I think about how [my husband and his mistress] were sneaking around all this while, I feel like breaking down,” she said in the post.

Mirror Media reports that the woman later gave an update saying that she and her son will stay with her parents until her second child is born.

She added that her husband had purportedly come to “kneel” in front of her for forgiveness, but she emphasised, “I’ll think about it.”

Extremely unfortunate circumstances, especially for the children

When a couple decides to get married, it is an implicit agreement that they will stay faithful to each other.

However, the opposite seems to have allegedly happened in this case, and it even resulted in the birth of a child.

Worse still, the woman only found out there might have been an affair because she ran into her husband’s mistress. It certainly can’t be a good feeling to know that her son’s classmate resembles her husband.

We only hope that whatever happens, the children won’t be too badly affected and that they will continue to be well taken care of. At the same time, the truth deserves to be uncovered as well.

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Featured image adapted from Liberty Times Net. For illustration purposes only.

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