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South Korean Woman Allegedly Kills Victim Out Of ‘Curiosity’, Stuffs Remains In Suitcase & Takes Taxi

South Korean Woman Allegedly Kills Another Woman While Posing As Tuition Student

Warning: Some readers may find the photos and descriptions in this article graphic. Discretion is advised.

While many murders take place for various reasons, most people wouldn’t accept being killed by random stranger.

Unfortunately, this happened to a woman in South Korea when she was allegedly murdered and chopped up by a complete stranger.

The alleged culprit reportedly claimed that she did it out of “curiosity”.

She then stuffed part of her remains in a suitcase and took a taxi with it.

Source: KBS News on YouTube

Police identify woman who allegedly killed victim

The woman who allegedly committed the murder was identified by the police on Thursday (1 June), reported South Korea’s JoongAng Daily.

She is reportedly 23-year-old Jung Yoo-jung, from the southern city of Busan.

Source: KBS News on YouTube

The suspect had lived an isolated life since she graduated from high school, though she was living with relatives at the time of the alleged murder.

She was also studying for a written test to become a civil servant, her grandfather was quoted as saying.

South Korean woman allegedly poses as tuition student & kills victim

Jung reportedly told the police that she first contacted the female victim via a mobile app for tuition.

The victim, a freelance tuition teacher and university student in her 20s, was told that she was communicating with the parent of a high school student who needed a tuition teacher.

A tuition session was arranged on 26 May at the victim’s home in the Geumjeong District of Busan.

Jung turned up in a high schooler’s uniform, posing as the student, and was able to gain access.

Victim’s body parts stuffed into suitcase

After the victim was killed, her body was chopped up and some of her body parts were stuffed into a suitcase.

Jung was caught on CCTV rolling the suitcase through the streets.

Source: KBS News on YouTube

The rest of her remains were left in the victim’s home and were found by the police.

Woman took a cab with bloodied suitcase

Jung didn’t immediately dispose of the suitcase, according to reports.

Instead, she decided to take a cab to an area near the riverside.

The cabby, who saw her go into the bushes with the bloodied suitcase, called the police.

Source: KBS News on YouTube

The police found the victim’s body parts discarded in the area.

Jung was swiftly arrested on 27 May.

South Korean woman allegedly kills due to ‘curiosity’

After being caught, Jung reportedly told the police that she had planned the killing as long as three months ago.

She had been searching for content related to murder on the Internet, even searching under “murder without a corpse”.

As for why she did it, she reportedly said it was “out of curiosity”. She apparently wanted to “give murder a try” after reading books and watching TV shows on murder.

The police found large plastic bags and bleach that may confirm her claim that she’d planned the act.

Suspect feels sorry for victim’s family

However, Jung now seems to be somewhat repentant.

On Friday (2 June), she told the media that she felt “sorry for the victim’s family”, reported JoongAng Daily.

Source: KBS News on YouTube

She also said she was “out of her mind” for committing the alleged murder.

Her grandfather, who spoke to the media on Thursday (1 June), expressed his “sincerest apology to the victim’s family” for failing to raise his granddaughter properly.

MS News extends our deepest condolences to the victim’s loved ones. May they receive justice for her death.

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Featured image adapted from KBS News on YouTube.

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