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Man in Thailand to sue for adultery after wife leaves him for govt official they had threesome with

Man suing for adultery after wife left him for high-ranking govt official they had threesome with

On 27 May, a Thai man sought legal counsel to sue for adultery after his wife left him for a high-ranking government official whom they had a threesome with. Despite setting clear boundaries, his wife and the government official broke the rules they had set.

The man also claimed this had affected the man’s family life, including his daughter’s.

The man is looking to sue for adultery and disciplinary action for the government official.

Man introduces wife to swinging lifestyle

In an interview with Thai press, the man said he had been with his wife for over 12 years since they were teens.

Over the course of their relationship, he introduced her to the swinging lifestyle. Under certain rules they had set, the wife would pick a third that the couple would share an intimate time with. Among the rules they kept were that the husband always had to be present during the act, and the third person would not continue developing a relationship after the encounter.

They would do this about once a year throughout their relationship.

Around 3 months ago, his wife brought a high-ranking ministry official, purportedly from the Ministry of Agriculture, into their relationship. However, unlike previous swinging encounters, this one did not end with just sex.

Uncovers a full-fledged affair

According to Channel 3 News, his wife and the ministry official continued to have sex, sometimes without the husband’s presence. During those encounters, they would video call so that he could watch. This was all normal under the rules they had set.

But after a while, the husband started noticing signs of change in his wife. She started coming home late, ignoring his calls, and acting very distant.

The man did not want to disclose his identity. Source: Thairath

Suspecting the worst, he snooped and read his wife’s texts, which confirmed his suspicions. The two had made appointments for many encounters without him and had exchanged intimate messages – all of which broke the rules the married couples had set together.


According to Thairath, the man’s wife and the official even referred to each other as husband and wife in their text messages.

Lavished wife with gifts

The man also told the press that the ministry official bought his wife several gifts, including a new phone and a BMW car that cost over 1 million Thai baht (S$36,800). Thairath reported that the man would sometimes borrow the car to play golf.

However, the man soon realised that his family had become distant from each other, due to the cheating.

Additionally, the man claimed that the ministry official had meddled in his daughter’s life as well.

At around 2pm on 27 May, the man began proceedings to sue for adultery as well as disciplinary action for the government official.

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Featured image adapted from Thairath

Buranond Kijwatanachai

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