This Taiwan Cat Village Has Fluffy Felines Round Every Corner, Just 10 Mins Away From Jiufen

Taiwan Cat Village Is Purr-fect Getaway For Feline Lovers, Close Proximity To Jiufen & Taipei

We know you are looking forward to those post-Covid 19 travels, as are we. While you’re busy planning your trip, let us recommend one place to add to your bucket list.

Instead of simply finding an escape from people, why not seek comfort in the company of animals, which you’ll find plenty of in this cat village in Taiwan.


Tucked away just East of Taipei, Houtong village is home to 200 cats of all shapes and sizes, ready to welcome loving visitors.

A cat haven close to tourist hotspots

A short 10-minute drive from Jiufen and a quick train ride from Taipei, Houtong boasts a whopping population of over 200 tortoiseshell, black, ginger, and calico cats, just to name a few.

Lounging in almost every nook and cranny, you’re sure to stumble upon one no matter where you go.


There’s something aesthetically pleasing about seeing these elegant creatures loafing on steps and perched on village rooftops.


With wayfaring tourists always fussing over them and snapping photos, there’s no doubt that these felines would be friendly.


Feel free to sayang the cats, but take note that feeding is discouraged despite the sale of cat treats in certain shops.

Guidelines dictate that if you really can’t resist, just 2-3 small biscuits will do.

Cats aren’t the only attraction

If you get hungry after following the cats around, you’ll be happy to find quaint eateries to satiate your hunger pangs.


Houtong also offers a number of notable attractions, so don’t worry if you aren’t as enthusiastic about cats as your travel buddy.

For one, the area is home to an old coal mine, with the miners’ dormitory and old machinery still standing amidst the ruins.


You can also find a gorgeous riverside nearby, which you can stroll along while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Cats are well taken care of

Though the cats may be wandering around freely, they aren’t entirely left to fend for themselves.


A small volunteer group manages the felines’ veterinary care, monitoring their health and ensuring that all cats are spayed, neutered and tracked via microchips.

Now that you know that the cats are receiving the best care possible, you can enjoy their company with peace of mind.


Time to plan a trip to Houtong cat village

Despite the uncertainty about when leisure travels can resume, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead.

Travelling from Taipei, you can take the Yilan line train and alight at Houtong station after an hour’s journey. Train tickets go for about NT$50, which is only about S$2.33. You could also take a 10-minute drive if you are travelling from Jiufen.


Typical tourist destinations aside, this would be the purr-fect place to pop by if you’re ever in Taiwan.

Featured image adapted from Local Guides Connect and Google Maps.

Caitlin Ng

Caitlin loves the sea, Star Wars and cats. She also probably wants to move to NYC one day.

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