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Car Catches Fire At Tampines Junction, Driver & Passenger Escape Unscathed

Car Catches Fire At Junction Of Tampines Ave 2 & Street 23

Before you begin your journey on the road, it’s always good to check your vehicle’s condition. This is so that you’d know if there was anything out of place or needed repairs.

At 8.50pm Sunday (27 Sep), a car unfortunately caught fire when it was at the junction of Tampines Ave 2 and Tampines Street 23.

Fortunately, both driver and passenger managed to save themselves in time before authorities arrived.

Car catches fire at Tampines traffic junction

A video uploaded to Singapore Road Accident Facebook page shows clouds of billowing smoke emanating from the vehicle.


Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel was seen swiftly extinguishing the fire, as other vehicles had no choice but to wait in tow.


Images of the aftermath show how badly charred the car was once the flames were put out.


The traffic junction of Tampines Ave 2 and Tampines Street 23 is near Tampines East MRT.

Driver & passenger escaped with no injuries

According to SCDF, they were alerted to fire at about 8.50pm. They confirmed that the incident involved only a car.

Despite the intensity of the flames, the driver and 1 passenger fortunately made it out in one piece.

They reported no injuries as they had escaped from the car by themselves before SCDF arrived. The flames were successfully put out using a water jet.

Cause of fire is currently under investigation.

How to prevent your car from catching fire

Car fires are statistically quite rare. Though there is a chance of it happening still, and it’s mainly due to ignition sources like overheating and electrical faults within the engine.

SCDF advises that every vehicle should be equipped with a fire extinguisher in the moment of an emergency.

To further prevent your vehicle from catching fire, you should:

  • Send your vehicles for regular service
  • Check for defects at engine, electrical & fuel systems after each service
  • Often check for oil leaks too.

In the event of a fire, stop and get out of your vehicle right away, and call 995.

Kudos to SCDF for extinguishing the fire

While it’s shocking that a car had gone up in flames in the middle of a busy junction, it’s good to know that there were no casualties.

Kudos to SCDF for rushing to the scene and extinguishing the fire in time.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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