Tan Chuan-Jin Fiddles With Mask During Swearing-In, Shares Hilarious Lessons Learnt

Tan Chuan-Jin’s Mask Came Loose During Swearing-In Ceremony On 27 Jul

Members of Parliament and ministers took their vows on Monday (27 Jul), as they assumed their respective roles in the new government.


In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, safety precautions were implemented — which included the mandatory wearing of masks.

Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin‘s mask, however, came off during the ceremony. He was even seen removing it at one point to fix it.


Mere hours later, Mr Tan took to social media to acknowledge the situation and shared the lessons he had learned.


If you’ve not seen the livestream of what Mr Tan called his “swearing ceremony”, you can view it here.

Mask came loose shortly after National Anthem

Mr Tan was first seen fiddling with his mask at around the 10:35 mark of the video, shortly after the National Anthem was played.

Mr Tan is seated on the right seat in the second row


As he attempted to adjust the mask, the protective accessory came loose.


Mr Tan proceeded to remove his mask completely and was seen trying to ‘fix’ the protective covering.


The incident happened while President Halimah was giving her speech. Mr Tan’s colleagues appeared to be too focused on what was being said and did not notice his slight ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

His mask appears to be working fine later on, as the camera pans back to him at around the 21-minute mark.


Tan Chuan-Jin shares lessons learnt

Later that night, Mr Tan took to social media to acknowledge what had happened and shared the lessons he had learnt in a hilarious post:

  • Don’t fiddle with mask
  • Befriend the cameraman
  • Always practice knots
  • Always bring a spare donut

In case you’re wondering about the last ‘lesson’, Mr Tan seems to love the sweet pastry and was seen enjoying it on numerous occasion.


He also joked that he should have taken a donut to eat or done squats until the end of the telecast — both of which would ‘allow’ him to be seen in public without wearing a mask.

All’s well that ends well

While most of us would panic when faced with such a situation, we’re glad Mr Tan appeared calm throughout the entire ‘ordeal’ and dealt with it swiftly.

We also think it’s refreshing to see him approach the incident in such a witty manner. Hopefully, others will also learn memorable lessons from this episode.

We at MS News would also like to add a tip of our own — pack an extra mask along with your donut, just in case.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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