Teacher Hugging PSLE Students Is Basically MOE’s Best Ad

MOE Should Feature This Teacher In Their Ads

We were all a bundle of nerves on our PSLE results day.

Our teachers somehow appear more intimidating as they sit in the front of the hall, flipping through stacks of result slips.

Times like these we wish they could be more like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society or one of the teachers in MOE’s ads.

It may seem very idealistic, but a teacher from Teck Whye Primary School has shown that it’s possible to bring those examples to life.

Comforted nervous student before giving result slip

Most of us are familiar with the panic attack that comes before a life-changing moment.

A Primary 6 student at the school visibly experienced it when he reached the teacher’s table moments before receiving his results slip.

Instead of handing the slip to him immediately, his teacher shook his hand, reached out for a hug and gave him comforting pats on the back.


His mother who was moved by the gesture captured the moment and shared it on Facebook, commending the teacher for her kindness.

You can view the video in full here.


After patiently going through his results with him, she hugged him again and encouraged him to keep up the good work.


And apparently she did the same with all her students, so it wasn’t a case of special attention. Everyone received their result slip, a hug and words of encouragement.

So sweet right? We wish our teachers did that too but hey, we still turned out alright.

Actions worthy of MOE ads

We’ve seen MOE ads that feature inspirational teachers who show extra care for their students.


Let’s be honest, most of us are either skeptical or surprised that such teachers exist here in Singapore.

Our experiences in school often involve teachers reprimanding us for late submissions or not wearing our uniforms the right way.

So it’s always heartening to hear of teachers who choose to be less stern with their approaches and try a bit of tenderness.

Caring teachers in other schools too

Such a heartwarming act from a teacher isn’t unique. Many teachers have been known to display kindness towards their students.

These teachers often go the extra mile to help students in need and make a positive difference in their lives.

These are the everyday heroes we hope to see more of in MOE’s videos. Perhaps one day we’ll see the familiar faces of some of our own teachers in the ministry’s ads.

Featured image from Facebook.

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