Telok Blangah BTO Has Arched Doorways & Vintage Fixtures, A Modern Ode To The 70’s

4-Room Telok Blangah BTO Is A Soothing Pastel Haven

For many homeowners in Singapore, pastel-themed interiors or retro-style décor are highly sought after.

So when designers from 19EightyThree combined the best of both worlds, this youthful yet classic abode becomes their proud handiwork.


With vintage fixtures to match the interior’s pristine and soothing pastel palette, this BTO flat makes for a refreshing ambience for owners and visitors alike.

Now, a virtual tour of this unique 4-room flat in Telok Blangah is in order—so you can see if a rose gold interior matches the design of your dreams.

Soft-hued theme features dainty rose gold installations

Not quite pink, not quite copper—rose gold has been taking the interior design world by storm.

Seamlessly incorporated into the undertone here, rose gold elements add pizzazz to the living room of this 4-room BTO flat.


Striking a balance between glamour and elegance, the soft-hued fixtures with a touch of feather reed ornamental grass make the space well-lit yet soothing.



Notably, instead of an open concept living room, the owners opted for a closed concept layout featuring opaque glass partitions.


This more traditional approach adds to the design’s layered texture while allowing more room for privacy.

Retro arched doorways & curved elements

A highlight of this flat’s unique design is its bright and pristine kitchen that boasts a flair of antiquity.

Take a look at this toaster, especially when accompanied by wooden details, reminding us of gears in the once-sensational The 70s Show.


Having curves in all the right spaces, such as arched doorways, lets you create an inviting, cosy aesthetic that embraces the timeless retro concept.


Adding to the curved details is the flat’s bedroom, featuring an oval-shaped headboard as well as a cylindrical nightstand.


Well, there you go – playful, ingenious, soothing – all in one.

Pastel-themed bathroom with his-and-hers sink

Perfecting the texture of its pastel theme is the flat’s chic yet homey bathroom.

Besides vintage copper-framed mirrors and metallic basin taps, each owner has a sink to call their own.


The muted coloured floor tiles laden with geometric shapes is undoubtedly an ideal finishing touch.

The subdued contrast between green and pink adds to the flat’s playful yet elegant aesthetics.

Telok Blangah BTO makes chic yet elegant home

Rose gold undertone, pastel palette, vintage installations with a twist of curvatures — this interior design is ‘exquisite’ to say the least.

Hats off to the folks at 19EightyThree for the amazing transformation.

Working from home (WFH) will feel much less like a chore when immersed in such a soothing yet vibrant ambience.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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