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Telok Blangah Car Wash Employs Intellectually Disabled Staff, Customer Praises Their Positivity At Work

Telok Blangah SPC Car Wash Employs Intellectually Disabled Staff

For intellectually disabled people, finding a full-time job can be an uphill task. That’s why some organisations in Singapore help bridge the gap between companies and this untapped talent pool.

Recently, a man discovered one such initiative at a car wash in Telok Blangah.

Expecting an indifferent demeanour from the staff, the man pulled up to the car wash with low expectations.

But to his surprise, the intellectually disabled staff were oozing with positivity, waving and smiling as he drove in.

The pleasant experience put a smile on his face and prompted him to call for others to support this empowering social enterprise.

Intellectually disabled staff all smiles while working

On Tuesday (29 Nov), Mr Jerome Joseph shared a Facebook post detailing his positive experience at a car wash in Telok Blangah.

Source: Jerome Joseph on Facebook

In the post, he explained that most of his prior experiences at car washes don’t involve much smiling.

Hence, he was surprised when the staff greeted him enthusiastically as he pulled into the manual car wash at 616 Telok Blangah Road.

According to Mr Joseph, they “kept waving and smiling” at him.

Their contagious positivity brought a smile to Mr Joseph’s face, as he found himself waving back.


While they were focused on doing a good job, he observed that the workers appeared to be enjoying their work.

Man discovers that Telok Blangah car wash staff are MINDS clients

Impressed by their work, Mr Joseph went digging online. He discovered that the Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) has been working with the car wash to give employment opportunities to their clients.

Reading up on the joint project, he learnt that MINDS has a long-running collaboration with the Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC).

Ultimately, the initiative aims to provide MINDS’ clients with an avenue for employment. At the same time, members of the public will get the chance to learn about the clients’ capabilities.

Commending the staff at the car wash, Mr Joseph said that they’ve set a high standard of service that all of us can learn from.

At the end of the post, he called for fellow drivers to support them.

If you are in the area and would like to stop by for a car wash, here’s how to find the petrol station:

Manual Car Wash @ SPC Telok Blangah
Address: 616 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 109027
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Past visitors have left glowing reviews, so we’re sure you’ll have a positive experience too.

Support similar MINDS initiatives in Singapore

Looking past their intellectual disabilities, these individuals often have an upstanding outlook on life. Therefore, they deserve a shot at leading normal lives.

Kudos to the Telok Blangah car wash staff for their exemplary service.

Hopefully, more folks like them will continue to receive such precious opportunities in the long run.

If you’re keen on supporting other such initiatives, you can look at the full list of joint projects on the MINDS website here.

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Featured image adapted from Jerome Joseph on Facebook.

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