Man Sleeps In Makeshift Tent Outside Cluttered Boon Lay Flat, Will Get Rental Unit Soon

Man Sleeps In Tent Outside Boon Lay Flat Cluttered With Household Items

A man in Singapore recently made headlines for sleeping in a makeshift tent outside a rental unit in Boon Lay.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, he shared that the situation was only temporary as he would be moving out next week. His mother, who had a habit of hoarding items, stayed in the apartment while he slept in the corridor outside the flat.

Neighbours in the area have complained about the clutter, pointing out that it has become a fire hazard. The West Coast Town Council have since said that they were conducting checks to improve the situation.

Man sleeps in tent outside cluttered Boon Lay flat

According to Shin Min Daily News, a 70-year-old woman and her son had been living in a two-room rental unit at Block 191 Boon Lay Drive.

However, in recent months, a makeshift tent was spotted in the corridor outside the apartment. After going down to visit the scene, reporters from the Chinese daily realised the son had been sleeping in the tent.

Speaking to them, the man, aged 40 years old, shared that he had applied for a rental flat. However, the approval had taken some time.

As a result, he had been living with his mother for the past five months, sleeping in a makeshift tent at night and putting it away in the morning.

The man added that the arrangement was only temporary, as he had already received the keys to another unit and would be moving out next week.

He went on to explain that the flat was cluttered because his mother had a habit of hoarding items. With the available space being barely enough for two inhabitants, he had to sleep outside.

Due to the recent rainy weather and people throwing cigarette butts from upstairs, the man had set up a tent for protection.


West Coast Town Council in contact with family

The man said that he had explained the reasons for sleeping in a tent to his neighbours. At the time, they had been understanding of his circumstances.

Residents on the same floor shared that while there were occasional noises from the unit, the situation did not cause much of a disturbance.

However, a few members of the public told Stomp that the hoarding of items in the corridor had caused space to become narrow. In addition, there were three personal mobility devices near the unit, posing a potential fire hazard.

Responding to Stomp’s queries, the West Coast Town Council said they had reached out to the family and were working closely with relevant agencies to provide them with assistance.

“Meanwhile, we have done safety checks on-site, and have advised the family to do regular housekeeping in reducing items placed in the common corridor,” a spokesperson for the council said.

“The town council, along with the relevant agencies, will be visiting the affected family again and conducting checks to improve the situation.”

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Google Maps.

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