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Massage competition in Thailand shows masseuses busting out crazy moves, dancing on top of person’s back

Thai massage competition brings out crazy massage moves

On 17-18 May, masseurs and masseuses gathered in Krabi, Thailand to compete at the World Association Nuad Thai Championships. The Thai massage competition had many of the contestants bringing out crazy moves.

Source: on TikTok

Contestants competed in four different categories with the winner taking home ฿100,000 (~S$3,685.79) in winnings.

The third edition of the Nuad Thai Championship

The 2024 World Association Nuad Thai Championships is an international Thai massage competition that took place between 17 and 18 May in Krabi, Thailand.

According to Postjung, the competition attracted 372 contestants from 37 different countries.

This is the third time the competition has been held, with the first held in Switzerland and the second held in Japan.

Source: Postjung

Contestants competed in four categories. These included Nuad Thai for Health, Nuad Thai Inspiration (fusion), Nuad Thai Athletic, and Nuad Thai for Visually Impaired.

Depending on the category, the champion could take home as much as ฿100,000 (~S$3,685.79).

Crazy massage moves at the Thai massage competition

Clips of the crazy moves from the competition drew attention on social media. One of the posts that went viral on X expressed surprise over the existence of such a competition.

There were plenty of massages that helped athletes get a deep stretch in to help with muscle aches. But there were also plenty of creative moves, including one where a Thai man massaged a person lying on their stomach with his feet while doing a Thai dance.

Source: Postjung

According to a Facebook post from the organisers, the goal of the competition is to develop Thai massage skills that would reach an international standard.


Additionally, it also seems like the competition has inspired a lot of massage therapists across the world to adapt Thai massage techniques to their own, as seen from the many variations of Japanese-style Nuad Thai.

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