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Thailand Now Has A Pet-Friendly Cinema, Furkids Can Hang Out & Watch Movies With Owners

Thailand Cinema Welcomes Pet Owners & Furkids To Watch Movies Together

The separation anxiety between us and our pets can be unbearable, especially when we have to leave them behind while going elsewhere.

As a result, more businesses across the world have begun opening their doors to pets and their owners in recent times.

A cinema in Thailand is the latest one to do so, allowing owners to bring their furkids along for movies.

They have even adjusted the sound and lighting for the animals, ensuring a pleasant experience.

Thailand cinema becomes pet-friendly

According to AFP, Major Cineplex in Thailand opened the country’s first pet-friendly cinema on Saturday (10 June).

Source: AFP News Agency on Facebook

Speaking to the media outlet, spokesman Narute Jiensnong said the animals had to wear diapers and sit in bags during the movie.

The cinema also adjusted the sound and lighting for their comfort.

Source: Thai PBS News on Twitter

“Bangkok is not a very pet-friendly city,” Narute said.

During the opening day, visitors sat beside their pets on bright red seats for a “The Little Mermaid” screening.

Source: Thai PBS News on Twitter

Some cuddled up in their owners’ laps, while others chose to stay within their carriers. AFP reports that a terrier had even shown up in a red wig and mermaid’s tail.


Cinema inspired by child-friendly theatres

The cinema came up with the idea after being inspired by child-friendly theatres.

Source: AFP News Agency on Facebook

During the pandemic, a few owners had adopted pets, Narute said in his interview with AFP.

With the era of lockdown now ending, some of these pets may have begun to suffer separation anxiety with their owners venturing out for work or other activities.

Source: Thai PBS News on Twitter

“In the kid cinemas, kids will run around screaming or shouting… I think pet cinema will be the same,” he said. “Everyone who comes will own a pet and be understanding.”

However, the cinema did have restrictions when it came to pets as well. A 62kg Alaskan Malamute was barred from entering after being considered too big.

Not all pet owners supportive of Thailand cinema

The cinema states that it has animal welfare safeguards in place. Despite this, not all pet owners expressed their support for the idea.

A pet owner told AFP that the concept was “unnatural” and “torture”.

“Being zipped up in this cage, I don’t know if that’s enjoyable for the animal,” she said. “It’s so ridiculous [that] dogs are not allowed in [most Bangkok] parks, but they can go to a movie or café.”

This is also not the first time a business has decided to welcome furkids to their premises in the country.

Earlier this month, IKEA revealed that small dogs and cats may visit their outlets in Thailand. All owners would have to do is ensure they remained in prams.

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Featured image adapted from AFP News Agency on Facebook and Thai PBS News on Twitter.

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