Tuas Crescent Massive Fire Had Explosions, 130 Firefighters Rush To Put Out Blaze With 8 Water Jets

Tuas Crescent Fire Raged & Spread Along Drains

Update (3.40pm): SCDF said that the fire was extinguished in the afternoon at about 12pm. SCDF is currently damping the area to prevent any fire from starting again.

About 130 firefighters were deployed to the scene. Earlier, they used foam to cover surfaces of flammable liquids to prevent fire from spreading.

SCDF added that there were a few explosions from the metal drums that stored flammable industrial liquids.

There are no reported injuries and investigations on the cause of the fire are ongoing.

While many Singaporeans woke up to pleasant cooling weather on Wednesday (11 Dec) morning, firefighters were drenched in sweat as they try to extinguish a massive blaze that broke out in Tuas.


The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) shared that they were alerted to the fire at around 6am.

Fire broke out at toxic waste collection place

According to SCDF’s update on Facebook, the fire broke out at No.48 Tuas Crescent. The building on fire apparently belongs to Unifine Star Petrochemical, which collects and disposes of waste oil and chemicals.


SCDF also said that the fire “was raging and spreading along nearby drains“.


Netizens who were in the area also shared pictures and videos of the huge blaze.


A huge trail of smoke could be seen billowing from the building.


At 7.52am, a netizen tweeted that the fire did not seem to be extinguished yet.


Around 80 firefighters deployed

32 emergency vehicles and around 80 firefighters were deployed to the scene.


They were equipped with 8 water jets and 2 Unmanned Firefighting Machines. An unmanned aerial vehicle was also used to “conduct aerial monitoring of the incident”.


At 8.14am, SCDF said that the fire was confined to withing the premise and there were no reported injuries.

Bus services 247 & 248 diverted due to Tuas fire

SBS bus services 247 and 248 were also diverted along Tuas Crescent for both directions. 24 bus stops were skipped because of the fire.


Due to “ongoing fire mitigation operations”, members of the public should also stay away from the area.

Thank you, firefighters

The cause of the fire is not known yet at the time of writing.

That said, 3 cheers to the firefighters who are working hard to put out the fire. We hope everybody who’s involved in the operation remain safe.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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