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New 7th-Gen MRT Train Arrives At Tuas Link Station To Cheers Of Excited Commuters

Huge Crowds Visit Tuas Link Station On 4 June For Launch Of New R151 MRT Train

On Sunday (4 June), Tuas Link station was filled to the brim in the early morning — and not because of the peak hour.

Over 100 MRT train enthusiasts gathered at Tuas Link station to welcome the debut of the Alstom Movia R151 train.

Those who took the train also managed to experience its many new and improved features.

Over 100 people gathered at Tuas Link station at 7am

According to The Straits Times, more than 100 people took their mornings off on Sunday (4 June) to witness the launch of the new MRT train.

Many TikTok videos showed a massive turnout for the launch. The videos featured crowds of MRT train enthusiasts waiting excitedly for the train to arrive.

When the train finally reached the station, the captain sounded the horn twice to signal to the crowd.

Source: @adiel_rusyaidi on TikTok

Onlookers whooped and cheered, whipping out their phones to film the launch of the new model.

Checking out new features of Alstom Movia R151 train

Upon the arrival of the seventh-generation MRT train, those who woke up early for the launch were eager to experience a ride on it.

The new train has several features that set it apart from older models. For instance, a TikTok user cited better LCD displays on the train.

Source: @adiel_rusyaidi on TikTok

Furthermore, the train also seems to have better soundproofing as noise from the outside “feels more muffled than usual”.

Source: @adiel_rusyaidi on TikTok

New features include perch seats and large panoramic windows

According to Land Transport Authority (LTA), the features of the new train are meant to provide a more “pleasant and convenient” journey for commuters.

The large panoramic windows help to improve one’s viewing experience of the scenery around them when travelling along above-ground stations.

Source: SGTrains

Furthermore, the new trains also have perch seats, thus helping to accommodate even more passengers.

Source: SGTrains

Beyond these features, the train even has a self-test system. This means the system automatically checks if the trains are fit for operation every day before services begin.

This helps to reduce the frequency of train faults, thus improving the efficiency of the MRT system.

More new trains to be released progressively

So far, 16 of the 106 new trains introduced to the North-South and East-West Lines will be in operation progressively from Sunday (4 June).

Meanwhile, MRT train enthusiasts will have to wait patiently for LTA to make any new announcements regarding the launch of the next batch of new trains.

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Featured image adapted from @weijian8501u on TikTok and Ministry of Transport, Singapore on Facebook.

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