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Ukraine To Release Inmates With Combat Experience & Send Them To The Frontlines

Ukrainian President Announces Release Of Inmates With Combat Experience On 28 Feb

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, the authorities have enlisted the help of citizens to defend the country.

Now, it seems Ukraine will be releasing some of its inmates to strengthen its defences too.

In an address on Facebook, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the release of prisoners with “real combat experience” to join the forces in defending their motherland.

Described as a morally “uneasy” decision, Zelensky said the prisoners will compensate their debts to their country in the “hottest spots of war”.

Ukraine announces release of inmates with combat experience

In a Facebook broadcast on Monday (28 Feb), Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky announced the release of prisoners with military experience.

However, this isn’t some form of early release — the inmates will be sent to the frontlines to defend their country.

While Zelensky said the decision was not easy from a moral point of view, it’s essential for everyone to help repel the invaders, if they are able to do so.

He also described the move as “useful” for the protection of the country.

Implementing measures to bolster defence forces

This isn’t the first time that Ukraine has implemented unusual but necessary measures to bolster its defence force.


As the country imposed martial law on 24 Feb, men aged 18-60 were not allowed to leave the country for 30 days.

This will reportedly help to ensure Ukraine’s defence and maintain combat and mobilisation readiness of its armed forces.

Hope for a peaceful resolution

Given the ongoing situation in Ukraine, this is indeed a case where desperate times call for desperate measures.

While nobody, including prisoners, would wish to participate in any armed conflicts, it’s perhaps necessary in this case to defend the country.

We hope the situation will deescalate soon, so no more lives will be at risk.

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