Ukrainian Soldiers Bring In Freezing Puppy To Their Post, Name Him Rambo

Ukrainian Soldiers Adopt Freezing Puppy, He’s Now Their Watchdog

As many refugees have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion on 24 Feb, one puppy might have lost his way.

The little canine apparently ended up alone, outside a Ukrainian soldiers’ guard post.

Thankfully, the soldiers decided to take the puppy in, providing it with an unlikely home.

A video interview on The Albanian Times’s Twitter showed the Ukrainian soldiers introducing the small puppy, whom they have named Rambo.

The video has since gone viral, with 3.7 million views at the time of writing.

Many netizens could not help but grow fond of Rambo, with some calling him “the bravest soldier in Ukraine”.

Ukrainian soldiers take freezing puppy into their post

On 26 Feb, The Albanian Times posted a video of Ukrainian soldiers taking in a freezing puppy outside their guard post.

In the clip, the soldiers can be heard saying, “He’s our protector right, Rambo?” as the puppy wagged his tail.


Answering the interviewer’s questions, two of the soldiers said that they had felt sorry for the puppy as it was freezing outside.


They added that pup, whom they had evidently named Rambo, continued to stay with them after they took him in.

Puppy now the soldiers’ watchdog

The soldiers interact and play with Rambo throughout the video, a stark contrast to images of destruction we see in news about Ukraine.

One Ukrainian soldier happily spoke to the camera, sharing Rambo’s new security role as their “watchdog”.


Another Ukrainian soldier joined in and praised the pup for his ability to “hear very well if there is a stranger nearby”.

Despite the escalating situation in Ukraine, such a sight is certainly heartwarming.

Many netizens commend Ukrainian soldiers’ warm gesture

After going online, the video garnered countless shares on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Netizens praised the soldiers for taking in the freezing puppy.


Some even called Rambo “the bravest Ukrainian soldier” while spurring him on.


Likewise, many Twitter users expressed sympathy for the poor pup who probably had no idea about the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian conflict.


Nevertheless, many expressed relief that the pup managed to find some compassion amidst turbulent times.

A heartwarming moment during crisis

The conflict in Ukraine has undeniably left created feelings of uncertainty and fear around the world.

But kind moments like these give us hope for humanity in the face of crisis.

The Ukrainian soldiers’ thoughtful act has definitely warmed all of our hearts. We hope that they and Rambo will make it out of the conflict just fine.

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Featured image adapted from The Albanian Times on Twitter.

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