US Lawyer Panics As He Accidentally Turns On Cat Filter In Zoom During Court Hearing Session

US Lawyer Panics When He Appears As A Cat In Virtual Proceeding Via Zoom

The Internet loves cats. However, a different kind of feline took the world by storm when a US lawyer appeared in a court livestream with a cat filter on.

His panic before judge and jury has sent the Internet laughing at what could be the most adorable court session in history.


For good measure, the Texas attorney clarified that he’s not a cat and is present in the session.

US lawyer tries to turn off cat filter

In a session recording shared by the 394th District Court of Texas on YouTube on 10 Feb, attorney Rod Ponton appeared as a fluffy kitten with the help of some Zoom filter magic.

It seemed that he may not have noticed this at first as a palpable silence filled the virtual courtroom.


When the judge notified the lawyer of his filter, Mr Ponton let out a panicked “AHHH”.

One member of the Zoom call had to put on his reading glasses to believe his eyes.


When Mr Ponton said “I’m here live, I’m not a cat”, another caller looked up from his notes and couldn’t resist a smile.


Poor Mr Ponton was still stuck with the cat filter, saying that he and his assistant were attempting to troubleshoot.

In a resigned voice, he said he was prepared to go forward with the court session in the form of a digital cat. Those sad kitten eyes say everything.


The video ended with the judge attempting to give instructions on how to remove the filter.

Lawyer praised for is pawfessionalism

While it is hilarious to see Mr Ponton stuck in cat form, a YouTube viewer praised him for his legal professionalism as he was willing to to argue his case as a kitten.


Another commenter said he could very well be in the legal hall of fame for appearing as a feline.


Whatever it is, we hope that Mr Ponton recovers from his shock and that his client will not be sentenced to 9 lives in prison.

A lighthearted turn of events

Courtrooms are usually depicted as serious. Unfortunately for Mr Ponton, he didn’t only send the entire court laughing, but the Internet as well.

We wish him all the best for his future cases and hope that he knows how to leave the cat filter off after this one.

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Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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