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27-year-old Vietnamese man marries 53-year-old woman despite villagers’ objections about 26-year age difference

Vietnamese couple with 26-year age difference live happily despite naysayers

A Vietnamese couple who lives in the remote valley area of ​​Hoang Su Pi in Ha Giang Province has a vast age difference of 26 years.

Source: VOH

Ah Sing, who is 27 years old this year, married his wife Kia when she was 48, despite objections from fellow villagers over their 26-year age gap, VOH Online reports.

27-year-old Vietnamese man marries woman with 26-year age difference

According to Ngoc Tinh, a friend of Ah Sing, he grew up in difficult circumstances as an ethnic minority.

“He has a simple and honest personality, he is loved by everyone in the village,” she said. “But life is not very lucky. He lost his father at a young age and his mother left him and his younger brother alone at a young age.”

Source: VOH

To seek a better life, Ah Sing left his hometown to work in Hanoi as a bricklayer and it was there that he met Kia, a woman 27 years older than him.

She happened to be from the same village as he was, and she took care of him as though he was family. Soon, he fell in love, VOH reported.

“I gathered up the courage to ask her if she wanted to marry me,” Ah Sing said. She was hesitant as she felt she was already very old, and when she agreed, he told her: “I have no parents and my family is poor.” So there was no dowry money for her parents.

But she unexpectedly said she had no interest in a dowry.

Refused to believe naysayers

Many vehemently opposed their marriage, believing that Ah Sing would abandon Kia. Furthermore, they thought their age difference would lead to an unhappy marriage.

“People told me that if you’re old and poor, marrying a young man is just a sham,” Kia said, as reported by Khaosod. “People don’t believe in love.”


“Someone said that in a few years Ah Sing would leave me for a girl. But I don’t care because we really love each other,” she added.

The couple was determined to overcome all prejudices to be together.

Happily married after 3 years

Despite the naysayers, Ah Sing and Kia worked tirelessly to prove they could make their marriage work.

Three years later, they have a young son and they’ve officially registered their marriage.

Source: VOH

They reportedly live in a small house with no electricity and only simple furnishing, but it is a household full of warmth.

While Kia is a homemaker, Ah Sing occasionally goes out and works with friends in the village to earn money to take care of his family. Though it isn’t the easiest life, they say they are happy together.

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