M’sian Violinist Plays Music For Elderly Neighbour Every Night, They Send Each Other Gifts

Violinist In Malaysia Shares Beautiful Bond With Her Elderly Neighbour

Love stories come in many forms. While we often talk about romantic tales and parental love, one story is rare yet just as significant—neighbourly love.

Neighbours are either people we see regularly, or we don’t. Despite not having seen her neighbour for 10 years, this lady’s bond with an elderly woman next door transcends age and race.

A violinist from Malaysia, Endang Hyder, shared a series of heartfelt tweets detailing the kind gestures from her neighbour, an elderly woman who’s lived beside her since 1997.


We learn that the violinist was asked to practise her craft from 9pm-10pm every night so that her neighbour can enjoy her music.

Here’s how their beautiful relationship has blossomed even though they’ve barely had physical interactions with each other over the past decade.

Violinist shares she hasn’t seen her neighbour in 10 years

On Thursday (22 Jul), the violinist tweets about receiving a plastic bag with a note given by her neighbour whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years.


The note contains a message in Chinese, saying, “I hope you can create more beautiful songs.”

In a later update, the violinist tells her followers that the auntie who gave her the package has been her neighbour since 1997.

Due to the woman’s poor health, she hasn’t got the chance to see her often.

Neighbour asks violinist to play every night

For the past month, the violinist has been playing her own renditions of music to refine her skills. As her room is located close to her neighbour’s bed, she presumes that the auntie could listen to her practice.

“She gave me an iPhone along with other stuff like food and clothes, and some supplement and medication for me and my kids,” she related.

All she asks is for me to play a few Chinese songs with my violin from 9pm-10pm.

She then tweets, “Yes, I will keep it here to remind me that everything is gonna be fine”, accompanied by a picture of her pasting the note on a blackboard.


They send food to each other & communicate via notes

The next day (23 Jul), the violinist shares that she played a Chinese classic The Moon Represents My Heart for her neighbour. She also sent some egg sandwiches over for dinner.


In return, the neighbour sent some food over and advised her to keep pursuing music.

The sweetness doesn’t stop there. The violinist then tells us that the auntie sent over some more vitamins and asked for her to play Shanghai Bund tonight.


Unfortunately, the neighbour later said she was feeling slightly fatigued to stay outside for the personal concert. So instead, she sent over a Subway meal and Lotus biscuits to the violinist.


The violinist hopes that the lady would feel better the next day so that she can play the violin for her enjoyment.

We’ll be awaiting further updates on the violinist’s Twitter.

We’re not crying. You are

In a time when neighbourly disputes tend to make headlines, touching stories like this remind us of the beauty of having good relationships with our neighbours.

We hope the auntie will continue to support the violinist’s endeavours, and that the violinist would continue to play beautiful Chinese classics for her enjoyment.

This incredibly heartwarming love story is one that’s worth your time, for sure.

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