We Bare Bears Hello Kitty Plushies Are The Most Ambitious Crossover Of 2018

We Bare Bears X Hello Kitty Plushies Are Available Now At Lotteria, Korea

Tired of fighting over whether Ice Bear or Hello Kitty is cuter with your bestie?

Fret not, we come bear-ing good news.

The four most adorable cartoon characters have now come together in an epic crossover that have Sanrio and We Bare Bears fans screaming “KAWAAIIIII~<3”!


Hello Kitty in bear hoodies

Arriving just in time for Christmas, these limited-edition plushies will see Hello Kitty dressed in our favourite bears’ hoodies.

Can’t pick a favourite

Of course, all 3 We Bare Bear hoodie designs are available.

But if we have to choose a favourite, we’d definitely pick Hello Kitty dressed in the enigmatic’s Ice Bear hoodie.



Alright, we’ll admit it’s practically impossible to choose. This is literally what you get when you pile cute on more cute.


Here’s cellphone-loving Panda’s hoodie looking super adorable on Hello Kitty.


As a bonus, here’s Grizz and Pan-Pan looking all festive in the promo poster.


Grizz’s hoodie fits snugly on the head of the most famous Kitty in the world.


Ice Bear approves.


Miniature figurines

In addition to these adorable plushies, other Christmas-themed figurines are available too!


Decorate your work desk with these cute figurines and you’ll never have a bad day at work ever again.


Otherwise, we think they make pretty cute Christmas ornaments too!


Collect ’em all!

Sadly, these plushies and figurines are only available at Korean Lotteria outlets. So if you have a friend visiting Korea this holiday, you know what to do.

Here are the prices:

Plushie Only: 15,000 won each (S$18)
Plushie (With Meal Purchase): 9,000 won each (S$11)
Figurine Only: 2,500 won each (S$3)
Figurine (with Meal Purchase): 1,500 won (S$2)

Each person is only allowed to purchase a maximum of 3 bears.

That said, all hope’s not lost if you don’t have friends visiting Korea. Some folks have listed them on Carousell as well.


Alternatively, you can pay to have a stranger bring it over from Korea via Airfrov.


These plushies are only available for a limited period of time, so hurry and get your hands on them ASAP!

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