S’poreans To Expect Windy & Rainy Days In 1st Half Of Dec, 22°C Temperature Possible

Singapore To See Windy & Rainy Conditions In Dec Due To Start Of Northeast Monsoon

For those who’ve been at home or outdoors, the temperature from the last couple of days was probably unbearable.

Well, the hot summer days are gone so put your fans and air-conditioners away ’cause the monsoon season is here. Some of you who were out this morning (2 Dec) would’ve probably noticed it was slightly cooler and windier today.

In the first half of December 2021, Singaporeans can expect windier days with passing afternoon showers.

The winds signal the start of the Northeast Monsoon season, which is expected to extend into March 2022.

Windy & rainy days expected in the first half of Dec

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), Singapore is expected to have windier days in the first half of December due to the Northeast Monsoon.

For those planning to go outdoors, you might want to take a rain check as you can expect short-duration moderate to heavy thundery showers over parts of the island in the afternoon on most days. Occasionally, they could extend into the evening.

In the first fortnight of December, Singapore may occasionally experience windy conditions. Rainfall is expected to be below average over most parts of Singapore.

On most days, daily temperatures are forecasted to range between 24°C and 33°C. It may even reach 34°C on some days where there is little or no cloud cover.

As for 1-2 rainy days, you can expect the temperature to drop to as low as 22°C.


For updates on the daily weather forecast, you may visit the MSS website, NEA website, or download the myENV app.

But your best bet is to probably expected the expected — that it’s likely to rain. With the wind forecasted to be strong, perhaps a windbreaker or raincoat will be more appropriate than a brolly.

Cosy up as the holiday season arrives

Since Singapore experiences tropical weather year-round, the monsoon season is our best bet for experiencing a little piece of ‘winter’ on our sunny island.

So for those staying in, cosy up with a fluffy blanket and a warm cup of drink as the temperature drops and the festive season arrives.

And don’t forget to bring an umbrella when you head out in case of the afternoon showers!

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Featured image by MS News.

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