Woman Cuts Durian Like She’s Hacking Open A Coconut, Leaves Internet Confused Like Her Dogs

Woman Cuts Durian Open Like Coconut, Hacks Flesh & Seeds

Durian season is in full swing, with reports saying there is an abundant global supply of the king of fruits.

With more to go around, those planning to try the fruit for the first time may think it’s best to do so now.

But such folks may be unfamiliar with the process of cutting and eating the fruit. A woman recently posted photos of herself attempting to hack a durian open, to rather hilarious results.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

The photos, which show her holding a knife and cutting the durian haphazardly, went viral.

Woman cuts durian haphazardly, seemingly happy with handiwork

The series of photos first went viral on Twitter, showing a woman’s unusual attempt at cutting a durian from start to finish.

In the first photo, she holds a large knife in one hand and a durian in another.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

She placed the thorny fruit on top of a Korean-language newspaper and shaved the spikes off the durian.

Normally, one would use a cleaver and split the durian in half before dividing it further.

However, the woman decided that it was time to hack right into the durian shell next. Judging from the small and thin shavings on the floor, it must have taken her multiple tries.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

Despite that, she had time to have a little taste amidst all the chaos.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

Even with the durian flesh exposed, the woman kept cutting till she trimmed off parts of the seed.

Curiously, without decimating the fruit all the way through, she decided enough was enough and posed with her handiwork, with portions of the durian still untouched.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

Here’s another picture with her five chihuahuas, who look as confused as everyone probably feels looking at the photos.

Source: 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook

Netizens spare no expense lambasting her

Netizens were understandably confused by her husking skills and spared no time letting the world know.

One Twitter user lamented and questioned the existence of YouTube tutorials and Google’s search feature.

Source: Twitter

Another comment joked that this was a tutorial on making your life harder.

Source: Twitter

While we hope the woman doesn’t take the online criticisms to heart, we also hope she’ll take the suggestions like referring to tutorials to cut a durian.

Perhaps then, she’ll save herself lots of time and energy, and can enjoy the fruit peacefully.

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Featured image adapted from 甲洞吹水站 on Facebook.

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