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Woman in Texas gets hit by police vehicle, police issue her a jaywalking ticket

Woman in Texas hit by police vehicle also gets a jaywalking ticket

A woman walking on the street at night was issued a jaywalking ticket after getting hit by a police vehicle.

The accident had left her hospitalised and in critical condition.

According to the woman’s mother, she had exited her vehicle because she was trying to get away from a violent domestic dispute.

Woman tries to escape alleged violent domestic dispute, gets hit by police car

According to KGNS News, a 19-year-old woman identified as Deborah Flores Trevino was walking along the road in Laredo, Texas when she got hit by a police car at around 11pm on 8 June.

The woman was taken to the hospital and was later issued a jaywalking citation.

Source: KGNS

A couple of days after the incident, the victim’s family spoke to local media, sharing their side of the story.

According to her mother Yulia Trevino, Deborah, who is pregnant, exited the vehicle to escape a violent domestic incident. That’s when the police car hit her.

“When she did that, she ironically gets hit by a cop car and [he] gives her a ticket for jaywalking,” her mother was quoted as saying.

“He sees the guy there and it doesn’t occur to him that this could be a domestic abuse situation.”

She also questioned the jaywalking citation given to her daughter.


She added that her daughter had not previously filed charges for domestic abuse due to fear.

Accident left victim in critical condition

KGNS says the accident left Deborah in critical condition, including a bleeding kidney, broken bones in the back of her neck, and a shattered elbow and knee.

Source: KGNS

“She’s going to be flown to a military hospital in San Antonio,” said Yulia. She also added that her daughter was getting surgery on 10 June.

“I feared for her life, you should see the condition she is in right now… I’m so shocked she survived this and the baby inside of her,” she added.

Police rescind jaywalking citation

According to Yulia, the police chief later apologised and expressed his sympathies over the incident. The chief reportedly also tore up the ticket.

The police involved in the incident are being tested for drugs and alcohol. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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