Woman Donates Kidney To Boyfriend But Gets Cheated On, Her Story Moves The Internet

Woman In US Shares Story Of Donating Kidney To Ex-Boyfriend On TikTok

When our loved ones are ill, many of us will do our best to help them get well again.

For Colleen Le, a woman from the United States, she revealed in a series of TikTok videos that 7 years ago, she donated a kidney to her boyfriend at the time, who suffered from chronic kidney disease.

But the story did not have a happy ending. Just 7 months later, Le’s boyfriend cheated on her.

They reconciled after many arguments, only to have their relationship end 3 months later.

Woman donated her kidney to boyfriend in 2019

Le first started going viral on TikTok in 2019 after sharing that she donated her kidney to her dying boyfriend but got cheated on several months later.


Her story was so bizarre that many thought she was joking.

Le proceeded to share a picture of the certificate of appreciation she received for donating her kidney.



Following that, she made several videos poking fun of the situation.

Boyfriend cheats on her 7 months after operation

After many requests, in Aug 2020, Le finally shared more details of what had happened.

In the TikTok video, she said she met her then 17-year-old boyfriend, who suffered from chronic kidney disease and had to rely on dialysis.


Not wanting him to suffer, she decided to get tested to see if her kidney was a match for him.


Le eventually found out that they were a match—a fact that changed their lives forever.


7 months after the successful surgery, her then-boyfriend went to a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas for the weekend.

Le said because he was a “hardcore Christian”, she didn’t worry too much about it. But her boyfriend later admitted that he had cheated on her during the trip.


After many arguments, she decided to give him a second chance.

However, 3 months after reconciling, her boyfriend broke up with her.


After the breakup, Le claimed in 1 video that her ex accused her of donating her kidney to make herself “look good”.


Makes her peace with the situation

Several of Le’s videos on the incident have gone viral, and the TikToker amassed a following of almost 19,000 followers.

In the comments of a video, Le thanked netizens for the love and support she received after sharing her story.


She continued that it’s been years since the incident, and although it was deeply traumatising, she has moved on and was now living her best life.

Le also said in another video that she has no regrets about donating her kidney despite everything.

Reveals she was in a dark place post-breakup

In an update today (30 Jan), Le shared that she was in a very dark place after the breakup.

But things took a turn for the better when she went on a road trip during her spring break, where she met her current boyfriend, Dalton. He is often featured in her TikTok videos now.

She elaborated that Dalton took her out of a dark place and accepted all of her, including her past.

Le later heard from her ex when she was nearing her 1-year checkup from the operation.

She said she couldn’t bring herself to respond because she had already made her peace with the situation and moved on.

The woman ended the video by thanking viewers for tuning in to her “crazy story”.

Staying strong in the face of adversity

Le’s story is indeed one that’s filled with many twists and turns.

But we’re glad she has emerged stronger after making peace with the entire incident.

What do you think of Le’s story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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