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Woman Claims AMK Mall Security Guard Threatened To Call Police After She Took Toilet Paper From Bathroom

Woman Allegedly Stopped By Security Guard For Taking Toilet Paper From DjitSun Mall Bathroom

Did you know that taking toilet paper from a mall’s bathroom can be considered as breaking the law? Well, a woman was told this after taking a few pieces of toilet paper from the bathroom at DjitSun Mall in Ang Mo Kio (AMK) some years back.

She related the unusual story on TikTok, which left many people wondering.

Apparently, the incident took place back in 2019 and she never saw the security guard working there again after.

Security guard confronts woman for taking mall toilet paper

On Saturday (2 Dec), TikTok user @quackalackin or Raeann posted about the incident, which she told MS News took place in 2019.

That day, she was dining at DjitSun Mall in AMK with her boyfriend when he had a bad nose leak.

She explained that he’d used up all the serviettes that the restaurant had given them, and they were embarrassed to ask for more.

Raeann thus offered to go to the toilet to get more tissue for him.

She demonstrated that she took a few squares from the toilet roll.

Source: @quackalackin on TikTok

But when she walked out of the toilet, a security guard allegedly stopped her and said he’d call the police on her.


The reason? “You’re stealing the mall’s property,” he claimed.

Threatens to call police on woman for ‘stealing mall property’

Raeann told MS News that the security guard was standing around the lift area at that time.

“When I came out, he could see me coming out with the toilet paper,” she noted, adding that she was holding the tissues and not hiding them.

When she heard his threat, she got confused, of course. Who gets arrested for ‘stealing’ toilet paper?

Raeann said she apologised and asked if she could just take the tissue and use it as she needed to bring it to the restaurant, but was met with rejection.

Instead of letting her be, the security guard allegedly kept saying that he would call the police.

After some back-and-forth arguments, he appeared to dial 999 and call the police on his phone.

Police never arrived

At this point, Raeann was utterly befuddled by the situation.

The security guard then told her that “everything [was] gonna be fine” if she threw away the toilet paper.

Finding a flaw in his logic, she asked why the guard couldn’t let her use the tissue anyway and then throw it away since she didn’t have to hand it over to the police.

He only responded by insisting that she throw the toilet paper immediately, which she eventually did.

“This guy is just wasting the tissue papers’ lifespan, you know,” Raeann said while telling the story, audibly exasperated. “Very upsetting, very confusing.”

Most of all, she was just very bewildered.

In the end, the police never arrived, which made her question whether the security guard even called them or not.

Source: @quackalackin on TikTok

“I think he just faked that he was calling the police as no police came,” Raeann said.

Since she noticed that the security guard seemed to be afraid of his management, she decided not to pursue the matter. Moreover, she felt that it wasn’t worth her time.

Raeann added that she never saw the guard working at the mall again after the incident.

MS News has reached out to DjitSun Mall for comments. We’ll update the article if they get back.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and @quackalackin on TikTok.

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