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Woman Washes Hair At Sembawang Hot Spring, Another Lies Down Like It’s A Sauna

Woman Washes Hair At Sembawang Hot Spring, Fellow User ‘Shocked & Disgusted’

The Sembawang Hot Spring Park is one of Singapore’s more unique attractions, where visitors can make use of the natural geothermal waters to soak their feet and cook eggs.

However, some visitors may not be aware of the rules there.

One woman was seen washing her hair at a station meant for cooking eggs.

Another lay down to relax, as though she was in a sauna.

Source: STOMP by way of Telegram

Woman washes hair in Sembawang Hot Springs’ egg-cooking station

In a video sent to STOMP on Friday (3 Feb) and circulated over social messaging platforms, visitors can be seen enjoying the facilities at Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

However, two women are the focus of attention.

The first lady, wearing a navy blue top and maroon shorts, can be seen taking advantage of the hot running water to wash her hair using a yellow bowl.

Source: STOMP by way of Telegram

She even places one foot on the ledge of a basin.

The problem is that the counter she’s using is clearly marked as an egg-cooking station.

Source: Angel Hsu on YouTube

Thus, not meant for people to wash their hair.

Another woman lies on drainage area

In the foreground, another woman is lying near the station.

Basking in the hot vapour, she uses her hands to massage her head.

Source: STOMP by way of Telegram

Next to her are a pair of shoes.

It’s apparent that the spot where she’s lying is, in fact, a raised water drainage area that has grilles.

Source: Angel Hsu on YouTube

User shocked & disgusted at sight

The STOMP contributor said he was “shocked and disgusted” to see what the two women were doing.

He expressed his disbelief that people would misuse the facilities in this manner.

Other visitors were also looking at them disapprovingly, he said.

In the video, voices can be heard talking about the woman washing her hair.

What NParks guidelines say

According to the National Parks Board’s (NPark’s) website guidelines, Sembawang Hot Spring is for soaking one’s feet only. The washing of any other body parts isn’t allowed.

Source: NParks

Clothes and other items shouldn’t be washed. Neither soap nor detergent is allowed.

Source: NParks

The egg-cooking station, as the name implies, is meant for cooking eggs.

Source: NParks

In April 2021, NParks confirmed that only eggs can be cooked at Sembawang Hot Spring. That’s because other foods might pollute public waterways.

This was in response to MS News‘ queries after a Taiwanese YouTuber cooked chicken wings with hot spring water.

NParks also advises users to empty their unwanted hot spring water into the drains — the same drain that one of the women treated as a sauna perch.

Source: NParks

While their actions were against the guidelines, we might have to give the women the benefit of the doubt that they were just ignorant.

Hopefully, future visitors will learn the rules before using the Sembawang Hot Spring.

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Featured image adapted from STOMP.

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