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Man Seen Marching Down Yishun Road In Rainy Weather, S’poreans Think He’s Missing NS

Man Seen Marching Outside Northpoint City At Yishun In Heavy Rain

When one thinks of the places in Singapore that make the most headlines, Yishun will probably come to mind.

Whether it’s for concerning behaviour or flat-out crime, Yishun, oddly enough, is sure to make the news at least once a week.

This latest incident falls under the former category, as a man was seen marching down a road at Yishun in heavy rain.

Source: Instagram

Netizens were highly amused by the sight, with some wondering if the pedestrian missed his time in National Service (NS). However, his safety is definitely a concern as well.

Man was marching down the street outside Northpoint City

In a video shared by @sgfollowsall on Instagram, the pedestrian appeared to be marching in an orderly fashion along a street.

He was wearing a white shirt and carrying a backpack.

According to the caption, he was spotted on a road outside Northpoint City in Yishun.

Despite the heavy rain, the man was seemingly undeterred as he made his way down the street.

More interestingly — and concerningly — he did so in the middle of the road with cars driving past him.

Source: Instagram

The onscreen text read ‘Only in Yishun bruh’, conveying the OP’s great confusion.


Singaporeans think man misses NS too much

Soon enough, netizens flocked to the comment section to give their witty takes on the marching man.

One joked that the man was missing his time in NS already.

Source: Instagram

A few quipped that the man was still marching as he did not hear his platoon IC commanding him to berhenti (stop).

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Another netizen jokingly remarked that the man was part of the Yishun battalion division.

Source: Instagram

One commenter tapped into the melancholic vibes of the video by quoting a lyric from Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’.

Source: Instagram

Another user even managed to pull out a dad joke, wondering why the man is (March)ing when it is only February.

Source: Instagram

Regardless of the reason why the man did what he did, we hope he’s alright and did not stay out in the rain for too long.

We definitely also do not advise marching on the road under any circumstances outside of a route march, let alone during a heavy downpour.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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