YouTuber Searches For $1 S’pore Food, Learns About Traditional Dishes Like Ang Ku Kueh & Naan Instead

American YouTuber Struggles To Find $1 Food In Singapore But Learns About Different Cultures

Despite being known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, finding affordable food isn’t too difficult in Singapore.

Even so, YouTuber LivingBobby, or Bobby Briskey, decided to test the limits by seeing what he could get for just $1.

In his video “SURVIVING on $1 MEALS in WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE CITY!” which he posted on Friday (21 Feb), he shared his rather amusing adventure.

Finds out about ang ku kueh at Maxwell Food Centre

While we agree that hawker centres offer the cheapest food options, how cheap can they truly go?

Apparently not too cheap, as YouTuber Bobby found out, after an early round around Maxwell Food Centre, where very few stalls seemed to be open.

He acknowledges that the typical price range of $3-4 per plate is cheap, but not exactly what he was looking for.


After asking around and failing to find anything, he ends up at a traditional kueh stall, trying to communicate with a non-English speaking uncle.


Not understanding a single word on the Chinese menu, he ordered 2 pieces of ang ku kueh at $0.60 each.

Despite the struggle to communicate, the uncle tried his best to explain what the food was, which Bobby appreciates.


He later tried the sweet treat which he enjoyed, and concluded with a triumphant, “Cheers to cultural discovery.”

Eats naan & makes new friends at Tekka Centre

Perhaps going for variety, Bobby visited Tekka Centre in Little India next, where he paused to chat with a group of diners.

They happily invited him for some drinks, to which he graciously obliged, and had small talk with them.


The men from Punjab, India, who are working in Singapore, said that life is very good here.

They told Bobby that the best thing they enjoy are the “dance clubs” in Orchard, amusing the American YouTuber.

They recommended the food stall they patronised, from which he bought a piece of naan and a small bowl of curry.


The avid traveller who has been to India likens the food at Tekka to those in India, which is high praise. He even exclaims that the curry is “bomb”, which is simply saying that it’s really good.

Discovers Giant Hypermarket in Tampines

Asking strangers on the street for help, Bobby went to Giant Hypermarket in Tampines next.

This time, he tried to find food from each major race – Chinese, Indian and Malay – though he may have mistook the last one for Malaysian instead.

A look around the Giant bakery led him to huat kueh or steamed rice flour cake, which the Chinese often use as offerings.


Though eating it isn’t wrong, people usually don’t do so.


With Malaysia rather than Malay in mind, Bobby picked out chicken ring snacks instead.


Any Malay seeing this will probably be upset, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s unaware of the difference.

Equally appalling is the fact that he totally looked past the huge packs of Super Ring just above. He missed out on some good stuff.

Ending off at the Giant food court, Bobby tried some dosai which like the naan, he thoroughly enjoyed.


His reviews were positive across the board, as he gave Giant in general a big thumbs-up.

YouTuber learns about different cultures in Singapore

Although Bobby’s hunt for $1 meals in Singapore wasn’t a huge success, the adventure he had and the people he met along the way certainly added to the video’s appeal.

Finding dirt cheap food in Singapore may be tough, but the diverse options available and the different people we get to interact with make the eating experience a worthy one.

We’re a rich country in terms of money, but more importantly, we’re rich in culture and racial diversity too.

If you’re curious about what else you can get for $1 in Singapore, check out this video:

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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