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Zouk To Be Used For Spin Classes, Jio Your Friends For A Different Kind Of Party

Zouk Dance Floor Might Soon Be Used For Absolute Cycle Spin Classes

Party-goers are left squirming in their seats at home as the nightclubs remain closed as part of Covid-19 safety measures.

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During these difficult times, some nightclubs are innovating and adapting their space for other uses to stay afloat.

Recently, Zouk – arguably the most popular nightclub in Singapore – seems to be riding on the workout wave as they look to lend their dance floor for spin classes.

On Wednesday (7 Oct), Absolute Cycle announced via Instagram the exciting new collaboration they will be having with the nightclub.


Zouk collaborates with Absolute Cycle

From F45 to spin classes, workout lessons seem to be all the rage now. Well, Singapore’s popular nightclub Zouk seems to be jumping right on board.

Absolute Cycle shared on Wednesday (7 Oct) that there will soon be rhythmic spin classes held in Zouk.


The spacious dance floor that used to be filled with party-goers will soon be entertaining a different kind of party crowd.

Spin classes at Zouk promise to be epic

Absolute Cycle Singapore dropped a few teasers on what lessons at Zouk will look like.


The rhythm cycling studio promises that it will be “an experience like no other”.


Just imagining the luminescent lights accompanied by Zouk’s state-of-the-art sound system is enough to get our heart pumping.

Look forward to more information

Although not much information has been divulged so far, we can already tell this is going to be an elevated version of the spin classes that we are used to.

On Wednesday (7 Oct), DJ Jade Rasif also shared news of the collaboration between Absolute Cycle and Zouk on her Instagram story.


This might prompt speculation of her involvement in the nightclub turned spin class studio collaboration.

Spin classes under Zouk lights with a reputable DJ at the turntables curating the soundtrack? The only thing missing from it being perfect is a sour plum shot after.

Do stay tuned to Absolute Cycle Singapore’s Instagram page for more information about the collaboration.


Step into Zouk again

There’s no telling when night clubs can reopen again. So while we can’t hit the dance floors just yet, perhaps just stepping into the familiar Zouk dancefloor may prove to be a cathartic experience.

For party animals who also love working out, this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Know someone who’s dying to enter Zouk again? Tag them in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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