3 New Covid-19 Cases On 22 Feb, Including 1 From Grace Assembly Cluster & 1 Evacuee From Wuhan

Singapore Confirms 3 Covid-19 Cases & 2 Recoveries On 22 Feb

After 2 consecutive days of only 1 confirmed Covid-19 case, Singapore reports a slightly upward trend on 22 Feb.

Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed 3 more infections in their daily update. 

This means we now have 89 confirmed cases in the country.

3 new cases include link to church cluster & group of Singaporean evacuees from Wuhan

Of these 3 cases, 1 is linked to the Grace Assembly of God cluster. It is currently the biggest cluster in Singapore, with 22 known cases as of yesterday (21 Feb).


Meanwhile, another was among the second group of Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan. They touched down at Changi Airport on 9 Feb.

According to MOH, the 3 cases today are referred to as Case 87, Case 88, and Case 89.

Case 87

We learnt that Case 87 is a 32-year-old Singaporean male who was evacuated from Wuhan via a Scoot flight on 9 Feb.

He was reportedly asymptomatic when he got on board, and was immediately placed under quarantine upon his return.

Currently warded in isolation at the National Centre for Infectious Disease (NCID), it’s revealed that he’s linked to Case 76.


Just to refresh your memory, Case 76 is the 1-year-old toddler – also evacuated from Wuhan – announced on 17 Feb.

Case 88

Case 88 is a 30-year-old Singaporean female who hasn’t travelled to China recently.

She reported onset of symptoms on 16 Feb, and visited a general practitioner (GP) clinic for treatment the next day. She tested positive on 21 Feb.

Also warded in isolation at NCID, the Hougang Street 91 resident is reportedly linked to Case 66.

Case 66, announced on 14 Feb, is a 28-year-old male Singaporean who is linked to the Grace Assembly of God cluster. He resides at Mei Hwan Drive.

Case 89

Case 89 is a 41-year-old male Permanent Resident (PR), who also hasn’t travelled to China recently.

He was just confirmed with Covid-19 this morning (22 Feb). He’s now warded at NCID as well.

49 cases of recoveries

As with other days, there’s good news too. MOH says to date, a total of 49 cases have fully recovered from the infection. They have also been discharged from the hospital.

Of the other 40 infected patients who are still in hospital, most are either in stable or improving condition. 5 are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

MOH reports that as of noon on Saturday, they have identified 2,734 close contacts, who are all currently under quarantine.

Of the total, 1,633 have completed their quarantine.

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