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S’pore Family Finds Missing Cat In Bushes Along MCE With Aid Of Apple AirTag 

Missing Cat Found Using Apple AirTag On His Collar Along MCE

Normally, a pet going missing would stir fear and panic in its family as they imagine the worst-case scenarios.

This was no exception for one TikToker, whose cat Tofu went missing recently.

And the story became weirder when the AirTag that Tofu was fitted with flagged his location as being along Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

Fearing that someone may have thrown the tag away, the family went to the expressway to investigate.

Luckily, they found Tofu hiding in the bushes, a little scared but safe.

While they’re still not sure how he got there, the family is thankful that the AirTag helped them to locate Tofu.

Missing cat found with aid of AirTag

On Tuesday (17 Jan), TikToker @osrastays posted a video recounting the incident involving Tofu, a cat which has an AirTag on his neck.

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

After Tofu went missing, his family saw the AirTag flagging its location along a section of MCE near Marina South, which led them to fear the worst.

The family lives in Geylang, they reasoned, so someone must have taken Tofu away and perhaps dumped the AirTag there.

They decided to head to MCE to locate the AirTag, but despite searching all morning, they couldn’t find Tofu.


Oddly enough, the AirTag location started ‘shifting’, first to a carpark then to a group of bushes.

Cat located inside bushes

The family managed to stop by the expressway and search inside the bushes.

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

The entire time, the AirTag was beeping louder and louder as they neared its location, said the TikToker.

It turned out to be the right location as after searching around the bushes, they finally found Tofu hiding inside.

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

Although they had no idea how Tofu ended up there from Geylang, they were thankful to have found him with the AirTag.

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

Technology helped find a missing feline

Though Apple has said that AirTags are primarily for locating items and not pets, you can still get an AirTag collar, which is what this family did.

Luckily they did too, since Tofu travelled a relatively long distance, and ended up in a hard-to-reach area.

Source: @osrastays on TikTok

Though it took some effort to rescue Tofu, the search paid off eventually.

Hopefully, Apple Singapore sees this, ’cause they helped reunite a family with their cat today.

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Featured image adapted from @osrastays on TikTok.

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