FairPrice Bukit Batok Locks Up Infant Milk Formula As Part Of Trial To Prevent Shoplifting

FairPrice Bukit Batok Locks Up Infant Milk Formula From 2 Weeks Ago As Part Of Trial

Supermarkets in Singapore largely follow an ‘open concept’, allowing customers to freely grab groceries that they wish to purchase.

In most cases, the only exceptions to this are more expensive items or products that carry certain sales conditions, such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

Recently, however, a customer noticed infant milk formula being locked behind a transparent screen.

Source: Twitter

A FairPrice spokesperson has since shared that this is part of a new initiative at their Bukit Batok MRT outlet to prevent shoplifting.

Netizen shares ‘heartbreaking’ sight of locked infant milk formula at FairPrice outlet

On Tuesday (17 Jan), a Twitter user shared a picture that was allegedly taken at a FairPrice outlet in Singapore.

The picture shows infant formula products locked behind what appears to be transparent screens.

Source: Twitter

According to the OP’s caption, the move was apparently to prevent the infant formula from being stolen.

He then expressed how heartbroken he feels knowing “there are people out there struggling to feed their babies”.

Safety measure on trial at FairPrice outlet at Bukit Batok MRT

In response to MS News’ queries, a FairPrice spokesperson confirmed that this was a new initiative at the Bukit Batok MRT outlet.

Source: Google Maps

According to the spokesperson, infant formula products are among the items that are “typically shoplifted”.


To prevent such incidents, FairPrice began its trial of the new initiative two weeks ago.

The supermarket chain added that it will “continue to assess the feasibility of continuing or extending this initiative”.

In addition to the transparent barriers, FairPrice has also installed CCTVs and deployed plainclothes security officers to deter shoplifters.

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