Rendang Condoms In M’sia Could Be The Key To Spicing Up Your Love Life

Contraceptives, with a hint of spice.

Heroic GrabFood Rider Takes Time Off To Stop A Fight At Redhill Close

Delivering food, delivering peace.

Guy In China Flexes Amazing Core Strength By Walking On Air, He Trains 2...

He prefers street workouts to hitting the gym.

Police Arrest Panty Sniffing Man Within 1 Day, Will Be Charged For Public Nuisance

Kudos to the cops for the swift arrest.

NTU Students Seen Thrusting Their Hips & Chanting Obscenities, Incident Now Being Probed

Obscene cheers aren't in line with NTU standards.

Thai Man Drinks White Wine While Eating Durian, Found Dead Hours Later

Durian and alcohol lovers, take note.


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