Chinese Man Draws Childhood Village From Memory, Reunites With Family 33 Years After Abduction

He was just 4 years old when he was abducted.

Topless Men Allegedly Enjoy Alcohol Party On Flight, Scoot Investigates

It's unclear which flight this took place on.

Men Throw Chairs & Flower Pots In Little India Fight, Get Arrested By Police

3 men were arrested for voluntarily causing hurt.

McDonald’s China Has Stationary Bikes So You Can Multitask While Eating A Big Mac

For calorie-conscious multi-taskers.

Viral Video Shows Lady Arrested At AMK Hub, Police Debunk Mishandling Claims

The lady had repeatedly refused to wear a mask and was shouting in public.

Auntie Sprays Debt Collectors Down With Water Hose, Police Officers Called To Scene

The debt collectors were just doing their job.

Sea Turtles Hatch Near Changi Coast Cycling Path, Passers-By Rescue Most Of Them

Kudos to them for showing compassion.

Man Shouts At Hillion Mall Security Staff After Refusing To Leave Kopitiam, Police Arrest...

An off-duty police officer was on hand to assist with the arrest.


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