Shopper forced to buy 10 caps at baseball apparel store after spilling coffee on them

Shopper pays for more than 10 baseball caps after spilling coffee on them

To prevent accidents, some stores put up signs discouraging customers from bringing in food and drinks.

Unfortunately, a mishap happened at a store in a baseball apparel shop when a shopper spilt coffee all over several caps on display.

spill coffee buy caps

Source: Penang Kini on Facebook

According to a Malaysian Facebook post, the shopper was forced to pay for more than 10 caps that were stained.

Shopper spills coffee on more than 10 branded caps

Crediting the story to a user named AmiraHenna99, Facebook page Penang Kini posted about the coffee-spilling incident on Saturday (17 Feb).

Accompanying the post was a series of photos allegedly showing the aftermath of the messy accident.

spill coffee buy caps

Source: Penang Kini on Facebook

The first picture showed a spilt cup of coffee with its contents splattered all across the shelves, some caps, and the floor below.

These weren’t just ordinary caps either, as they appeared to be baseball caps by American lifestyle brand New Era.

These caps are known for representing various Major League Baseball teams such as the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox.

According to the New Era Singapore website, a similar-looking New York Yankees cap retails for S$59.

The Facebook post caption stated that the shopper had to buy all the caps they spilt the coffee on.

Judging by the photos, they likely paid for more than 10 caps. Hence, one can imagine the extent of the financial damage to the shopper.

Netizens say the shopowner got lucky for selling so many caps

Having paid dearly for their mistake, the shopper reminded others to never bring food into a retail store.

At the same time, the post went viral on Facebook, with more than 1,900 reactions since it was shared on Saturday (17 Feb).

Some netizens tried to comfort the shopper by helping them look on the bright side, like one who said that they could wear caps in different colours to match their ‘outfit of the day’ (OOTD).

spill coffee buy caps

Source: Facebook

Another said that the shopper could gift their friends one cap each and receive blessings for their kindness.

spill coffee buy caps

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, many congratulated the shop owner for getting ‘lucky’ and selling so many caps in one go.

Source: Facebook

Interestingly, two of the four photos attached to the post can be traced to a Xiaohongshu post posted last August.

The Xiaohongshu post did not mention where or when the incident occurred but said three to four staff members helped to clean up the mess afterwards.

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Featured image adapted from Penang Kini on Facebook.

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