Man exits S’pore-registered car to ‘chope’ Aeon Mall carpark lot, leaves after parking attempt fails

Man seen blocking Aeon Mall carpark lot on 12 Feb

In a viral video, a man was seen exiting a Singapore-registered car at Aeon Mall Bukit Indah and seemingly trying to ‘chope’ a parking spot that was recently vacated.

Source: Facebook

But the man later vacated his position after a failed parking attempt by the driver manoeuvring the car he exited from.

Man blocks carpark lot in Aeon Mall, Johor Bahru

Footage of the carpark incident was posted on the ‘Johor-Singapore Customs Both Checkpoint Discussion’ Facebook Group on Tuesday (13 Feb).

The incident took place at the open-air carpark outside Aeon Mall Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru (JB) at about 1pm on Monday (12 Feb).

At the start of the video, a red Singapore-registered Toyota Prius Plus was seen overtaking the camcar vehicle, which was stationed next to a row of parked cars.

Source: Facebook

The Singapore-registered vehicle then pulled up next to a white Toyota preparing to vacate its lot.

Source: Facebook

As the red Toyota adjusted its position, a man in white exited from the car’s front passenger seat.

Source: Facebook

The white Toyota subsequently exited its lot and the man proceeded to stand in the middle of the lot, seemingly attempting to block it off from other vehicles.

Source: Facebook

The camcar vehicle then inched forward to within touching distance of the man.

Source: Facebook

As the camcar vehicle moved forward, the man gestured as if to say that the driver of the red car was attempting to park in the lot.

Source: Facebook

Despite several adjustments, it appeared the red car was unable to park in the lot. The driver of the red car then told the man to get back in the car.

Source: Facebook

The video ends with the camcar video parking head-first into the carpark lot.

Source: Facebook

You can watch the full video here.

Netizens criticise man for chope-ing carpark lot by blocking it off

The dashcam footage has been reshared on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page, garnering hundreds of comments.

One netizen pointed out that it’s common for drivers to wait ‘behind’ such “head in parking” lots instead of in front.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Another Facebook user pointed out that the camcar vehicle had already intended to occupy the lot, leaving space so the white Toyota could exit the lot.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

It is unclear if the driver and occupants of the Singapore-registered car are Singaporean.

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